Saturday, 23 February 2013

Claire Khaw hopes for a UKIP win in the Eastleigh by election,_2013

There is only one party you can vote for if you

  • are concerned about immigration
  • believe that leaving the EU would bring immigration under control
  • hate the idea of legalising gay marriage
  • wish to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998
  • hate how Cameron has subverted Conservative principles
Indeed, if you are a supporter of Conservative principles as defined below:

American historian and political theorist Russell Kirk developed six 'canons' of conservatism, which Russello (2004) described as follows:
  1. a belief in a transcendent order, which Kirk described variously as based in tradition, divine revelation, or natural law;
  2. an affection for the 'variety and mystery' of human existence;
  3. a conviction that society requires orders and classes that emphasize 'natural' distinctions;
  4. a belief that property and freedom are closely linked;
  5. a faith in custom, convention, and prescription, and
  6. a recognition that innovation must be tied to existing traditions and customs, which entails a respect for the political value of prudence.
Kirk said that Christianity and Western Civilization are "unimaginable apart from one another", and that "all culture arises out of religion. When religious faith decays, culture must decline, though often seeming to flourish for a space after the religion which has nourished it has sunk into disbelief."

then you cannot possibly in good conscience vote for the Conservative candidate, even if she is saying things that are recognisably Conservative.  

Remember, even if you do not love UKIP's very attractive candidate, Diane James, 

it is your purpose to show Cameron how much you hate him for what he has done to the Conservative Party, especially if you are a social conservative.   

Because of Cameron and Theresa May, social conservatism is now so marginalised that it only survives in the fringe parties.  

Voting UKIP is the best way to hurt Cameron, who is not a Conservative at all.   He just happens to be leader in a party too dumbed-down and suffering from dementia to even acknowledge how far he has deviated from Conservatism.  


Democratic Nationalist said...

And Marta Andreasen has now joined the Conservatives as did David Bannerman and Nikki Sinclaire is an independent representing We Demand a Referendum.

So that is three defected MEPs from UKIP but one defected MEP to UKIP and that is Roger Helmer.

Elsie said...

I fervently hope for a win for UKIP.

I'm sad that some sleazy elements have tried to deflect from the seriousness of this by election by associating their joke status with the events.