Monday, 11 February 2013

Claire Khaw models herself on Talleyrand

Talleyrand has been regarded as a traitor because of his support for successive regimes, some of which were mutually hostile. According to French philosopher Simone Weil, criticism of his loyalty is unfounded, as Talleyrand served not every regime as had been said, but in reality "France behind every regime."

It is my intention to serve Britain behind every party I join or am expelled from.

How generously reassuring and realistic Kevin Scott of the British Democratic Party must have thought he was being when he wrote of its launch on Saturday after making a point of excluding me:

"Addressing the meeting, the chairman of the new party’s steering committee, Kevin Scott, said that the new party would respect the rights of those legal immigrants and their descendants to remain in the UK without fear or hindrance."

To not know not to say things like that any more is culpably clueless.  

That nationalists could be said to have "learned nothing and forgotten nothing" (except their 14 words), like the doomed Ultramontanes, brought that great man to mind.

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