Sunday, 17 February 2013

Claire Khaw says you can like OI music without being a racist

The Boleyn pub on Barking Road, Upton Park.

Now the Far Left want to ban OI music.

I like the rough tunefulness and the high energy of Oi music.

The Burial - Holding On

IC1 - Rule OK

IC1 - Stick Together

Let us hope that this ban will make them more attractive and interesting.  OI radio


malatesta said...

i didnt have you down as an Oi! fan claire.

Claire Khaw said...

I once had a punk flatmate who liked that sort of thing.

malatesta said...

but its awful. just badly played din. the gig should have been cancelled because it was an offence to people who like good music.

malatesta said...

'Now the Far Left want to ban OI music.' who exactly is the far left? one of band is a neo nazi band. do you like neo nazis?