Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dame Jenni Murray giggles when ex-wife says on air she used ex-husband's toothbrush to clean toilet

Fleet Street Fox

Fleet Street Fox writes a popular anonymous blog revealing the workings, attitudes and shenanigans of a tabloid newsroom. Having used her blog to give her a way to voice her own opinions, journalist Susie Boniface finally confirmed her true identity just a few days ago.  She explains why she revealed who she is, and discusses her new book and what the future holds for Fleet Street Fox.
The Diaries of Fleet Street Fox, published by Constable on February 21 2013.
Fleet Street Fox blocked me ages ago from following her on Twitter, so you can guess what sort of a woman she is. has an un-updated list of tweeters who have blocked me on Twitter.

Who needs porn to corrupt the morals of the nation when we already have BBC Woman's Hour?

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