Monday, 25 February 2013

Do you want the Conservative Party to be more Conservative, Lord Ashcroft? Then pay attention, please.

Lord Ashcroft should read my recommendations at

In case there is any doubt about what I am saying to him, it is this:

See to it that my expulsion is withdrawn and have a word with Stephen Phillips, Secretary of the Board of the Party and whoever will be deciding my appeal, to this effect.

Stephen Phillips has told me to let him know by 13 March that I wish to appeal, and this I have already done.

My defence can be found at

You are the one who pays the piper, you call the tune.

I have done NOTHING that is inconsistent with Conservatism except shock and horrify the milquetoasts at CHQ.

Below are my ideas for making Conservatism more radical and more appealing to right-thinking members of society.

Is it now time to consider that Cameron is one or some or all of the following?

  1. Not a Conservative
  2. Mad
  3. A malfunctioning robot
  4. the Antichrist has Peter Hitchens trying to find method in the madness of Camoron.   

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