Monday, 18 February 2013

Nigel Farage does not say why he is not fighting Eastleligh though he claims he has

Farage should be fighting Eastleigh, but he is not.  Why?  He claims to make a statement answering the question, but  does not.

Let us do a bit of textual analysis below:

Nigel Farage: Why I will not fight the Eastleigh by-election
I stood in Eastleigh back in 1994, famously beating Screaming Lord Sutch by 169 votes. It was UKIP’s first electoral fight, and the idea of standing again has its romance.

But today Ukip is no longer a small group of idealists. We are becoming a serious player in British politics. As leader I am responsible for what is in the party’s best interests.

In May Ukip will be fighting its greatest yet campaign in the English County Council elections. I will be leading from the front and travelling around the country to bring our message of local democracy and accountability, and to demonstrate why we are the real alternative vote.

I also lead a Group in the European Parliament united in the belief that Brussels has too much power.

Right now we are living in a time when the relationship of the European Union to its member states is changing dramatically. We must seize the opportunity to redefine this relationship before it’s too late.

Ukip continues to grow, and as it does, so the calibre of its candidates improves. We already have a dozen excellent people who have put their names forward to stand as the UKIP candidate in Eastleigh.

Whoever is chosen will have my full support, and the support of everyone in the party. We will fight this by-election as hard as we can, and expect to turn what people predict to be a two-way fight into a serious political battle.

If you were looking for the answer WHY NIGEL FARAGE IS NOT FIGHTING EASTLEIGH, what is the answer?

Your guess is as good as mine.

How puzzling that no one has made more of this.

Top Eurosceptic totty

It does seem to me that he does not really want to win the election.  Diane James is one of the better UKIP candidates certainly, but such an opportunity should have brought out the biggest gun in UKIP, and that can only be Nigel Farage.  It is a mystery to me.

Perhaps he fears losing.  However, I cannot imagine that he would like it if Diane James wins and lords over him as because she is an MP and he is not.   Perhaps he does not expect her to win.  Perhaps he already knows she will not win, for one reason or another.

Who knows?

Perhaps there is no point working out the motives of people who are suffering from dementia.  

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