Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gay rights in the West inciting hatred and violence against homosexuals in Africa
A well known Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato has been found beaten to death in Kampala

The reason the Ugandans are going crazy and killing their homosexuals is because they don't want to become like the degenerate British where gay marriage is being pushed through by a Conservative Prime Minister.

It is clear that Western proposals to legalise gay marriage are causing in Ugandans disgust and alarm the consequence of which is to make them feel it is necessary to show to themselves and to the world that they are very far from the degenerates who are proposing to legalise gay marriage.

Any liberal measure in the West to give gays more rights will be followed by an equal and opposite reaction in Africa.

If anyone is inciting violence against gay people in Africa it is liberal extremists like Cameron masquerading as a Conservative in a country too dumbed-down and frightened to even recognise what Conservative principles are, let alone stand up for them.

Perhaps the purpose is to incite them so much they will go on a queer-killing spree which will of course give the West to invade Uganda in the name of gay rights and gay marriage.

Is there anything in Uganda the West might like to have?

Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, and sizable mineral deposits of copper and cobalt. The country has largely untapped reserves of both crude oil and natural gas.

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