Monday, 11 February 2013

How to elect a new Prime Minister for Britain using similar rules to the Papal Conclave

I have thought up this brilliant idea of electing a Leader for Britain in the light of Pope Benedict's announcement of his retirement.   It is based on the rules at

1. Each constituency elects a local candidate in a head to head with their sitting MP. The competing candidate will be advantaged if he or she has the skills equipping them to be Minister of State in the Departments listed at

2. The MP and his or her challenger debate an issue using the formal style of debating. SMS voting takes place. All on the electoral roll will be required to register their mobile numbers to be eligible to vote.  The winner becomes MP. This is repeated nationwide.

3. These MPs elect will choose a leader from amongst themselves. The ones with the ten most votes will enter something like the Big Brother House in which they will stay until they elect a Prime Minister of Britain.  Each Prime Ministerial candidate will spend a day with a different Prime Ministerial candidate until he has spent a day with each of the other candidates.  This will take 9 days.

4.  On the tenth day, each of the candidates vote for the candidate they think is most suitable for leadership, apart from themselves.   The candidate with the highest number of votes becomes Prime Minister.

4.  In the meantime the general public will conduct their own election from the top ten.  If the Prime Minister chosen by the voter and the Prime Ministerial conclave are the same then his leadership will be regarded as especially propitious and auspicious.

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