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Chairman of the British Democratic Party excludes Claire Khaw

National Launch of the British Democratic Party

The British Nationalist Movement is hopelessly fragmented.
The Rump BNP has lost 85-90% of its members, activists and candidates. Some have gone to a politically-correct civic nationalist party that uses a multi-racial couple on a tandem as an advertising appeal. Some have gone to a hard-line nationalist party that has  a “those who are not with us are against us” mindset. Some have gone to non-party organisations. However, most have gone nowhere except into the political wilderness.
We cannot afford for good nationalists to waste their time in inappropriate parties or to be lost to Nationalism altogether. Time is running out; within fifty years we shall be a minority in our own country.
The British Democratic Party will be a party with a difference. It will be built from the bottom upwards, contesting carefully-selected council seats, rather than by making grand gestures of fighting council or Westminster elections in uncharted territory. Westminster seats will be contested only with established  candidates with a proven personal following.
The Constitution of the Party is thoroughly democratic, with a governing body that will be elected directly by the full membership of the Party.
The principles of the Party that will be contained in the Constitution are:
  1. Protecting and preserving the distinctive identity of the British Nation.
  2. Securing and protecting the independence and territorial integrity of theUnited Kingdom.
  3. Protecting the economic and social interests of the British people.
However, we have drawn up a full Policy Statement that is published on this website and will on the BDP website shortly, when that website is up and running. This Policy Statement, unlike the three principles above, will not be part of the Party Constitution.
The Party is currently being governed by a Steering Committee including: Kevin Scott as Chairman; Adrian Davies as Treasurer;  Ken Booth as National Nominating Officer; Andrew Brons MEP; and several others.  This is only temporary measure as every position within the party will be elected in the near future.

National Launch

A meeting will be held on Saturday 9th February 2013 to launch the Party nationally. Nationalists wishing to attend this meeting should send an e-mail with their particulars to:  for further details. Those invited to the meeting will receive the date, time and re-direction point. Alternatively text your details to: 07513975408.

Kevin Scott                                                             Andrew Brons
Chairman                                                                 MEP

Below is the response I have yet to receive officially from Kevin Scott.

According to Kevin Scott, I am "a divisive grandstander online and a shrinking violent in real life".   I think he just fears that I may eclipse everyone else.  Or perhaps he just doesn't want me to hear me promote civic nationalism, because that would upset the others.

I wonder if he was intending to respond to me directly or just not respond at all, which would be cowardly.

Dear Ms Khaw (his response might begin), 
It has been decided by the organisers that, for the sake of good order, neither shrinking violets nor charismatic personalities will be allowed at the BDP launch. Nationalists of a sensitive disposition will be upset and alarmed by your presence and your insistence on promoting civic nationalism. 
Yours sincerely
Kevin Scott

I think the time has come again to have that debate on civic nationalism.

Why are Northern nationalists are so much more "ethno" than the ones in the South?

Adrian Davies the Treasurer has kindly asked the organisers whether I may attend, but the answer is still NO.

I am glad I have been able to perform the service of getting the BDP to define itself, and it has defined itself as being firmly against civic nationalism.

If they do not want me involved, then it is clear that they are not interested in civic nationalism, and civic nationalism is the only way forward, for it is only civic nationalism that will unite UKIP and BNP into a viable third party of British politics capable of administering a good kicking to the LibLabCon.

If they do not want my involvement, then it is also clear that they hanker for the good old days of the BNP before it was modernised, before it dumped compulsory repatriation for voluntary repatriation, before it declared in its constitution that it was both an ethno-nationalist and a civic nationalist party.

If they do not want my involvement, then it is clear that they are not interested in discussing nationalist ideology, which in my view is the key to turning nationalism into something that is moral, noble, rational, practicable, inclusive and capable of attracting popular support.

If they do not want my involvement,then it is clear that they prefer nationalism to be considered immoral, ignoble, irrational, impracticable, exclusive and the pariah ideology of a pariah group of people.

If they do not desire my involvement, then it is clear that they want nationalism to stay in the doldrums of xenophobia, racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and socialism for whites only with nothing to offer businesses, employers and the middle classes.

If they do not desire my involvement then it is clear that they are not interested in new ideas.

If they are not interested in new ideas and new people, then they will not get anywhere.

In other words, if they do not want my involvement, then it means it will not be successful.

My project has always been to redefine nationalism as an ideology of promoting the long-term national interest while balancing the competing demands of the different groups that make up the nation.


Civic nationalism will get ethno-nationalists more of what they want than ethno-nationalism ever will.

Ethno-nationalists should bear in mind that if they say "It's all or nothing" they will end up with nothing, since they are both despised and far from power.

Below was what I texted to those whose numbers I had whom I knew was attending the launch:

"If Kevin Scott had allowed me to attend, I would have said:

1. Civic Nationalism is the only way forward as Front Nationale have shown in France.

2. While ethno-nationalism may be what you really want think, civic nationalism is what it is politic to say.

3. Civic Nationalism will get nationalists more of what they want than ethno-nationalism ever will. 

4. Civic Nationalism will avoid nationalists having to wade through the swamp of racist accusations so other important matters can be discussed.

5. If you accept the above then my involvement would be essential to show you are serious about Civic Nationalism.

6. Civic Nationalism can be radical and thought-provoking, without falling foul of the usual liberal taboos.

7. Only I can promote Civic Nationalism in a way that is attractive and appealing to the media and voter.

8. Showing you are prepared to try new ideas and people is the only way of forward.

"If all you do is all you ever did, then all you'll get is all you ever got."

Nationalists who reject civic nationalism are like a poor man saying he will hire a chauffeur when everyone knows he cannot even afford the bus fare. 

British Democratic Party launch on 9 February 2013
The average age of those attending was commented upon. 

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