Monday, 25 February 2013

David Cameron HENPECKED into supporting gay marriage

Peter Hitchens tries to make sense of the madness of Cameron in promoting gay marriage at

But this story at makes much more sense.

The Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron is the reason for his obsession with gay marriage, according to an unnamed cabinet minister.

The Daily Telegraph quoted the minister as saying: “Samantha is the driving force behind the policy”.

Samantha Cameron, the daughter of a baronet, is a creative consultant at a Mayfair luxury goods firm.

She is known to have socially liberal views, and ministers have previously said her strong influence on the Prime Minister “will have a more liberalising impact on Cameron than Nick Clegg”.

Meanwhile, David Cameron’s own mother was reported as saying the Prime Minister “just won’t be told” that same-sex marriage is unpopular and is alienating voters.

She made the comments at a lunch, in response to questions about why Mr Cameron is pressing ahead with the plans.

Perhaps we should all come to terms with the possibility that he is one or some or all of the following:

  1. He is mad.
  2. He is a robot.
  3. He is not a Conservative.
  4. He is the Antichrist.
Is there not something rather plastic and robotic about this "Conservative " Prime Minister promoting "gay marriage"? Have you noticed how suspiciously hairless, effeminate and androgynous he is - a bit like a Ken doll?

The Ides of March 2013 approaches ...

Caesar's wife should be above suspicion.

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