Friday, 15 February 2013

Jewess accused of being antisemitic in our PC Crazy World

      • Claire Khaw I have been accused of antisemitism.
      • Rabbi Zvi Solomons Could you possibly have given that impression Claire, posing in front of a Hakkenkreutz with an avowed Nazi...
      • Claire Khaw They cite what I have said that they consider antisemitic but cannot make out a case, IMHO.
      • Natalie Kehr · 2 mutual friends
        I have also been accused of anti-semitism. It was when I objected to the idea that the traffic on the North Circular Road be stopped automatically on the 60 or so Jewish holidays just in case there were Jews who wanted to cross the road. Religious Jews cannot operate the buttons which control the pedestrian crossings. I suggested they pray or think while waiting at the crossing for someone else to want to cross the road and so to activate the pedestrian lights.

    Jews are now accusing each other of antisemitism!  Whatever next?!

    The Jewish Free School has already been found to be sexist and racist.

    Today I discover that a councillor in Redditch found he could not criticise the morals of the people who use social housing without getting into hot water.  

    It seems we are now not allowed to criticise anyone for anything at all!  How will mistakes be corrected then?

    I wonder what will happen with the liberal extremists realise that all the Abrahamic faiths are in fact "sexist" and "homophobic" and have clearly stated that extramarital sex is a crime deserving corporal or capital punishment.  There is no gainsaying the fact that the Bible and the Koran undeniably state principles and laws that will be found hateful and offensive by sluts, homosexuals and feminists.

    Perhaps they will start burning the Bible and the Koran, then outlaw marriage, but only for heterosexuals, and jail or confiscate the property of anyone who dares to criticise them.  That would be a way of asserting Homosexual Hegemony. 

    When that happens Paedo Bastard  Britain Slutland should start officially twinning itself Sodom and Gomorrah and wait for Eyjafjallajökull to blow and put us all out of our collective degeneracy and misery.

    When I leave this Godforsaken land in a hurry, as Lot had to, I shall be careful to tell my civil partner not to look back.

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