Tuesday, 26 February 2013

LibDems to ban women from the workplace and propose khalwa laws?

It is only a matter of time before the penny drops.

Why have women in the workplace at all competing with men if they are going to do the dirty on you like that?

These women have no sense of party loyalty, do they?   If they cannot fend off the advances of a lecherous man then in what way are they fit for politics?

There is a difference between an actress on her casting couch and a woman hoping to become MP after all.  If she submits to the lecherous attentions of a man she finds repulsive, then she has no business to be in politics.

If she is unaware of the techniques with which to repel the advances of lecherous men without hurting their feelings or calling the cops then she has no business being in politics.

If you men want sex with women not your wife, surely it is easier to have it with a prostitute, if you do not have a wife, than with a treacherous female colleague or comrade?

The Sharia criminal offence of "close proximity" whereby two unmarried non-relatives of the opposite sex are apprehended after being found "in compromising positions" by state religious police.

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