Monday, 25 February 2013

Lord Rennard and Cardinal O'Brien: in Britain to be accused is to be CONVICTED

Lord Rennard

Cardinal O'Brien

How long will it be before even the LibDems will see the virtue of introducing * khalwa laws and think of excluding women from the workplace?

* The Sharia criminal offence of "close proximity" whereby two unmarried non-relatives of the opposite sex are apprehended after being found "in compromising positions" by state religious police.

What was he supposed to have done? Did he rape a few women or just proposition them unsuccessfully?

Women are of course treated as innocent till proven guilty, while men in authority are treated as guilty as soon as the accusation is made, especially if the accusation is made by a woman or a younger man.

No man questions this state of affairs, for some reason.

Is it because British men are too stupid, or too scared?

If either or both is the case, then what are these milquetoasts doing in government?

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