Monday, 4 February 2013

SHOCK HORROR: arrested female judge also an SSM!

How many people are thinking, "There but for grace of God, go I?"

It would be rather tempting to do this if your spouse's licence can endure the addition of those points on his or her licence without being forced off the road altogether.  If you were asked by your spouse for this little favour, it is possible you might have felt you couldn't refuse.  And then you would have been in trouble!

Then I discovered that a black female judge who is Chris Huhne's ex-wife confidante had been arrested in connection with this matter.

Constance Briscoe, SSM

Left: the former co-habitee of SSM and arrested judge, Constance Briscoe

I also discovered that she is an SSM, to my horror and disgust.

"She had two children, Martin, 24, and Francesca, 22, from a 12-year relationship with Adam Wilson, a lawyer"

Not only that, she wrote such terrible things about her own mother in her autobiography UGLY that her own mother sued her in defamation, albeit unsuccessfully.

What a dreadful woman.  No wonder the standard of British justice is not quite what it was with these sexually incontinent people in charge.

The best way to deal with these people is to do as the Koran prescribes and lash those who are clearly guilty of fornication 100 times each.   When judges mete out these punishments they too will have to exercise a bit of moral restraint or find themselves on the wrong end of the stick.  That is what would happen if I were in charge.

SSM and judge, Constance Briscoe

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