Sunday, 24 February 2013

Should I start a British Whites Protection Party?

A British White Male - is he not magnificent?  Help preserve this fine specimen and others like him!

All the nationalist parties have leaders and members so degenerate and ignorant that they cannot see that feminism is the source of Western malaise, however many times I explain it and however simply I put it.

Even the ones who take my point about feminism seek to distance themselves from this position.

Of course, to say that feminism is bad for any civilisation is blasphemy to the matriarchy that now rules the West with an iron fist.

If white people are no longer capable of preserving and protecting themselves from feminism, then it seems a female and a foreigner must reluctantly step into the breach out of a sense of civic duty.   The BNP and UKIP are clearly not fit for this purpose, for, not only are they afraid of challenging feminism, they are afraid of their women, who are mostly SSMs (or have SSM daughters and grand-daughters) who have now been elevated to the status of Sacred Cow.

Who can join?

  1. Anyone who is prepared to challenge feminism as a rational, moral or viable ideology
  2. Anyone who is prepared to call for the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 (into which the Sex Discrimination Act 1975) has been consolidated.
  3. You don't have to be white to join, only a concerned British citizen of any race or religion who hate to see what white people are doing to themselves and don't want the cancer to spread to your people too.   
  4. You have to be a social conservative and hate the idea of a Conservative Prime Minister pulling out the stops to promote "gay marriage".   
  5. You have to hate what passes for British culture now.  What is British culture?  Pub culture?  Drug culture?  Pop culture?  Ugh.  Is it the culture of the Dipso, Fatso, Bingo, ASBO, Tesco and Paedo?
  6. You have to hate what SSMs are doing to this country, ie causing widespread illegitimacy and consequently national degeneracy.   If you are suffering from national degeneracy, it means you have suffered a noticeable decline in educational standards and morals during your lifetime.  Morality includes sexual morality and is directly related to illegitimacy.  SSMs can be found at
  7. You have to agree that the Church of England (now infested by feminists and Commie Pinkos) is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining the morals of the English and that the English need a new state religion.
  8. You have to want to preserve the Union and agree that Britain was always an English project.  You don't have to be English, only realise that it is in Welsh and Scottish interests that the Union is preserved. 

This Sacred Cow represents Feminism, the Welfare State and Sexual Liberation

Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.   When there are enough of you we - and we don't have to be all white - can form this party that will be better at protecting the interests of white people better than the useless BNP and the BDP (British Democratic Party) who are so despised for their racism, antisemitism and the fact that they are mostly uneducated proles not suited for high office that they will never get anywhere in politics and give social conservatism a bad name.  

By helping others we help ourselves.   

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you should start such a party. And yes, he is a magnificent specimen. Big balls too!