Sunday, 3 February 2013

SWP rape victim expected the accused to be convicted even when she refused to go to the police

It is curious why people are pretending to be shocked and disgusted that a man accused by a woman who refused to go to the police is acquitted of rape.

Are people really saying that the Comrade Delta should have been convicted on the strength of an accusation by a woman who could not be bothered to inconvenience herself enough to go to the police to prove her allegation?

The allegations came from an unnamed female party member who claimed she was assaulted over a six-month period between 2008 and 2009 but did not want to go to the police. 

That must have been one long helluva sex session.

Perhaps Comrade Delta is some sort of sex god?

She is in her 20s. He is a middle-aged, full-time party activist who has a partner.

Friends say the woman has been left feeling utterly betrayed and traumatised by the process.

It seems this young "lady" imagined that she lives in a society in which an accusation of rape is as good as a conviction of rape.  There may be others in her party, like Comrade Delta perhaps, who is relieved that we do not.    

I suppose it is possible that she thought Comrade Delta might have left his partner for her.  When he did not, she wished she had not consented to sex, probably.   Having decided that on the whole she would rather not have had sex him, she began to retrospectively withdraw consent to having sex with Comrade Delta, until she concluded that she had not after all given consent, and sex without consent is of course rape.

Having gone through these thought processes, it may be that she decided that Comrade Delta had in fact raped her, though she did not wish to endure the indignity and inconvenience of reporting the "crime" of Comrade Delta to the police, who would have subjected her to an intimate physical examination for traces of his DNA.

In any case, it seems Comrade Delta did not deny having sex with this woman, believing at the time that it was consensual.  She did have six months to complain after all, but chose not to.

It seems she thought that she would avail herself of the publicity and consternation it would cause her ex-lover for not doing as she wished and leaving his partner for her.

100 lashes each is my recommended punishment for Socialist Sin.


Elsie said...

There is a very interesting study worth reading -

Claire Khaw said...

Link doesn't work.

elsie said...

try typing this in google -it was the first reply:

False Rape Allegations
Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D. 1

Claire Khaw said...

There is a Wikipedia entry on false rape allegations at

What horrified me was that the woman thought she would succeed.

And also that the Mail seemed to think she had a point.

If you can't even be bothered to try to prove the allegation then don't bother making the accusation and end up looking like a fool or a liar.

She should be called a slut, a fool and a liar, but seems only to be getting sympathy from the media.

Drakh said...

If you ever work out what the point of that post was, don't bother telling us about it.

Claire Khaw said...

Oooh! Sounds like this is someone from the SWP who doesn't like me.

What about the post do you not understand, Drakh?