Monday, 25 February 2013

To resign is to acknowledge guilt, Cardinal O'Brien

Cardinal O'Brien

It is so typical of the white m an to cave in at the first sign of difficulty. To resign is to acknowledge guilt.

These days the white man is so without honour, so without pride and without good sense that he cannot see this.

The days of the Catholic Church are clearly numbered.

Are these the words of a guilty man?

His resignation will encourage more people to make spurious claims of abuse.

How can ANYONE even deny this?

This man behaves like a woman whose default programming is to yield at the first sign of difficulty.

If I were him and guilty, I would go down in a hail of bullets and challenge my accusers to prove it, since doing this would hardly bring the Catholic Church further into disrepute, would it?

You might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, I would have thought.

The effeminacy of the white man will simply make the West the weak man of the world and the white race the laughing stock of the world.  

I wonder if it is only me that feels this visceral contempt.

Did Cardinal O'Brien or the people who advised him to resign even think for one moment that doing so would would do the Catholic Church any good?

Your enemies will increase and the accusations multiply.

Which is more contemptible: that he resigned because he was guilty or he is completely innocent but thought he would resign anyway?

I would prefer to be a guilty Catholic sodomite than a cowardly Catholic cunt.

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