Thursday, 28 February 2013

Unseemly gloating at forced resignation of Cornish councillor who dared to criticise the disabled (and by extension the matriarchy)

Why are someone's views wrong just because they are 'outdated'?  Has this woman not heard of the eternal verities of human existence?

However, it amuses and gratifies me to be used as some sort of baseline for being Politically Incorrect.

At can be read the unseemly gloating of malicious vengeful women on Twitter.  They are squawking really to have the poor man hung, drawn and quartered as a warning to any other male person presuming to criticise women who make irrational and negligent reproductive choices that are harmful to the long term national interest.

What do these women care about the long-term national interest, eh, as long as someone else pays?  

Like the indigent and irresponsible, they are always generous with the money of other people.

Colin Brewer: an apology not enough for vengeful malicious women who regard themselves as beyond criticism.  They probably secretly want him hung, drawn and quartered, or perhaps even burnt at the stake for presuming to criticise women who make bad reproductive choices.  This is Britain under a FOUL AND DEMENTED MATRIARCHY.  Destroy feminism before it destroys you, your society, your nation and your entire civilisation and the future of your children and descendants.

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