Friday, 15 February 2013

Why monotheism is more advanced and efficient than paganism in protecting your society

If most people believe in a unique omnipotent and moral God they would obey the same rules for morality as other people who believe in the same God.

If there are many different gods competing for worshipers  then people will have their different ideas about doing things and will believe that their version is the correct one. Then they will start fighting amongst themselves.

Another people, who are more united and socially cohesive will become stronger, especially if they all agree to obey the same rules, will come along and defeat the divided and quarrelling group.

The most important of these rules is the sanctity of marriage and the prohibition against extramarital sex.  Indeed, this is common to any civilised and advanced society.  Presumably this is because the repeated lessons of history have told man time and time again that when society desecrates marriage and tolerates extramarital sex, anomie, atomisation and degeneracy is the result.

When that happens, it is defeat, death and doom for that society, nation or civilisation, as we have seen with the Fall of Rome.

That is why monotheism was such a quantum leap for mankind. Whether or not you accept the existence of an omnipotent unique and moral God, you will not be able to conceive of an entity more powerful than Him.

God's existence or otherwise is immaterial, since  He will come into existence in the minds of a nation the moment enough people decide to believe in Him.  Once that happens, God can be applied as an instrument of government.  Indeed, as an instrument of LIBERTARIAN government because a godly people require fewer laws than an ungodly people.

It can easily be established that a theocracy can easily have fewer laws and lower taxes than a liberal democracy kowtowing to the whims of feminists and Commie Pinko SSMs.

It was monotheism that allowed societies to preserve their traditions and values for longer than other more primitive pagan traditions.  This is why the Chosen People, the people who invented God remain in existence to this day with a clear sense of their identity and traditions, while other tribes and civilisations have come and gone.  No one denies that Christianity and Islam came from Judaism, certainly not the Koran.

I suspect that the Jews will end up preserving their identity better than the Chinese will, even  though the Chinese have on the whole retained their territorial integrity, just because their religion makes such a point of doing so.   That was the whole point of the Sabbath, after all.  The Sabbath is there to give Jews the time to think about being a Jew and to be with other Jews in order to reinforce their idea of being Jews.   It is also sacred, as suggested by the death penalty prescribed in Exodus 31:15 for breaking it.

The Jews preserve the integrity of their traditions because they respect the institution of marriage and family.  Christians no longer do so.  Indeed, it could be said Christians no longer even acknowledge what the Bible says, but chop and change to suit the times.  They have a holy book, but have all but interpreted out of existence anything that might smack of moral rigour hoping to be all things to all men and women in their desperation to get bums on pews.  These "Cultural Christians" think observing all the outward signs of Christianity, such as singing hymns, going through the motions of worship in buildings they know as churches will be enough to save them even as they promote gay marriage, which is another form of the extramarital sex they refuse to condemn.  It seems they are all afraid to condemn the most pernicious practitioner of extramarital sex - the Slut Single Mum.    Imagine, a society in which even the alpha males of the political establishment are afraid to criticise the worst of their women, because they all have the vote and there are so many of them!  It must be on its last legs and ripe for invasion.  Indeed, it has already been systematically colonised even as its government denies that this is what is in fact happening.

The colonisers are the Muslims who practise their religion with more rigour than either the Jews or Christians.  Their holistic approach is why their numbers are increasing while the numbers of Jews and Christians shrink.  Muslims from Asia practise their religion more than Jews and Christians because they have not yet been so corrupted by centuries of consumerism, liberalism and feminism in the West.

However, perhaps even Muslims are not immune, for we now have Muslim MPs join the equally morally useless Catholic MPs in voting for gay marriage.

Clearly, it is only a matter of time before even the Muslim become as degenerate as the non-Muslim, with their daughters mostly SSMs giving birth to variously-fathered feral bastards and their sons gaily marrying each other.

There are two possible outcomes to this scenario:

  1. the Muslims go native and become good SSM-fearing and gayly marrying liberal bastards like the rest of the degenerate British, or
  2. the Muslims establish a Caliphate before they themselves become hopelessly degenerate


Democratic Nationalist said...

I would prefer the Taoists and Confucians instead regarding your talk of Chinese people, why not promote Confucianism? It is an interesting philosophy, I studied it five years ago.

Claire Khaw said...

Confucianism is more oppressive to women than Islam ever will be!

Claire Khaw said...

You have no idea what the Chinese did to their women. Binding their feet and the concubines! Honestly, you have NO IDEA!!!

Claire Khaw said...

Even the Chinese don't dare promote it. It has some useful bits but much of it cannot be applied to modern society without causing consternation and alarm.

Also, Confucius was a regarded as a failure at the time of his death.