Monday, 11 February 2013

Widening the appeal of nationalism and anti-feminism

I intend to widen the appeal of nationalism just as it is David Cameron’s intention to widen the appeal of marriage by promoting gay marriage and thereby redefining marriage. Of course, my project is moral, necessary and right while Cameron’s is immoral, unnecessary and wrong.

I believe nationalism as an ideology of promoting the long-term national interest is a coherent, moral and pragmatic ideology that I can sell to other political parties once its racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism have been surgically removed.  No sooner has this been said than it is already done, for I am none of the above!  Racially neutral family values (ie I am pro-marriage and anti-feminist) are what I stand for.  How motherhood and apple pie is that?  I like to think my ideas will soon become very popular indeed, when the bottom falls out of the British economy and their are riots in our streets ...

After all, half the voting public ie men would be potential recruits to the destruction of the matriarchy and feminism as a viable and moral ideology.

As for the women, we can ignore the single women and just ask the mothers if they really really want to go to work.  Most of them will say no, I predict.  When that is done we can finally repeal the Equality Act 2010 and return the nation to rationally small and patriarchal government so things can be run properly again, in a one-party state that protects the rights of its members against the leader and his cronies.

Article 4 of the Chinese Communist Party clearly gives more rights to its members than the Conservative Party constitution.  Therefore the British should just swallow their pride and acknowledge the clearly superior rights the Chinese Communist Party constitution would afford them.

The fact that China switched from being communist to capitalist without a bloody revolution should be formally acknowledged too, and credit be given where it is due.

Transition from Communism to Capitalism was cleaner and swifter precisely because the Chinese had a one-party state making this profound change of heart possible, unlike our current crazy system of promoting conflict and division.

The fools and knaves currently in office will unhesitatingly dump what passes for their beliefs without hesitation if they see it is as expedient and rational, and I will tell them what is expedient and rational, when they finally see fit to consult me!

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