Friday, 22 February 2013

Wong wrong to apologise? Feminazi takeover at LSE proceeds apace

"Following last weeks' column where I warn about the growing political radicalisation of our Student Union as well as the Sabbatical Officers' waste, incompetence and abuse of power - my column has been CUT OUT of this weeks' paper.
The decision to cut out my column comes one day before the nominations for the SU election; which proves to be curious timing.  
For the record, I don't blame The Beaver or their editors; but rather influence and pressure from the SU. Ironically, this reinforces the point that the SU system is corrupt and that to change it, we need more outsiders to run in the upcoming elections."
Did Wong have anything to apologise for?

Is this anything to do with his alleged antisemitism or alleged racism? Or was it because he -

1.   objected to LSE100 - a compulsory course of left-wing indoctrination  "Thinking like a social scientist" or "thinking like a socialist"?

LSE100 - an exercise in leftist indoctrination?

2.   objected to the women's library

 4.  objected to genderless toilets on very sensible grounds.

"The Student Union has gone too far. Starting Jan 2013, genderless toilets will replace “male” and “female” toilets meaning female students will be forced to use the same toilet as strange, unknown men. The SU claims this will make LSE “transgender friendly”. Genderless toilets are not only a ludicrous waste of money, but it puts at risk the safety and privacy of female students. Perhaps Alex Peters-Day needs to be reminded that LSE is one of the world’s most prestigious university and not some cheap strip club in the alleys of Bangkok. Here's my article in the London Student."

4.  as a member of the LSE’s Hayek Society responded to the ban by organising a free giveaway of The Sun on campus. Their stall was attacked and vandalised by a female student and this criminal damage was condoned Alex Peters-Day, LSE Students' Union General Secretary 2011-2013. "Feminist, lambrini socialist, admrirer of Boney M" is how she describes herself on Twitter.

Hayek Stall attacked and vandalised by MSc Global Politics student, Nishma Doshi.

“She was tearing out Page 3’s,” stated Bjoern Christian Wolf, President of the Hayek Society, “we tried to stop her and rationalise that The Suns were our property and we were trying to peacefully campaign but she wouldn’t listen.”

“Eventually security had to pull her away.” MSc Global Politics student, Nishma Doshi, who was responsible for disrupting the campaign, explained her motives to the Beaver; “a democratic decision was made by the student body to ban the sales of the Sun because of its misogynistic content. The actions of the Hayek Society were not about free speech as much as they were a spit in the face to all women at LSE and democracy in general.”

On her Twitter page following the event, Doshi tweeted, “they [The Sun’s] were free – I just enacted fair justice. They [LSESU Hayek Society] have the right to give it away. I have right to rip out the offensive parts.”Doshi’s comments sparked much controversy, with TheLDNStudent tweeting in response, “you do not under any common law in this country have the right to destroy someone’s property.”

Speaking of the event, Alex Peters-Day, LSESU General Secretary, refused to condemn Doshi, stating the Hayek Society were being “deliberately provocative” and that “freedom of speech has a limit on campus.”
Was Wong wrong to apologise so abjectedly? Perhaps he was.

 I have also been sacked from my internship as a result of my employer receiving an “anonymous tip off” regarding this incident. 

Jason has been well and truly intimidated.   May we know who that employer was?  This is Jason's video before he was comprehensively crushed by the feminazis.  

What is a feminazi?

To be a Nazi or a Fascist these days just means being interfering, aggressive and violent.  I don't think this concerns the nature of one's political views but on the methods one is prepared to use to intimidate people who disagree with you.

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