Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Claire Khaw agrees with Andrew Bridgen that MPs are underpaid

Pay peanuts get monkeys, and they are monkeys, aren't they, let's face it.

What is the average salary of a decent CEO?  That is what they should be paid.   Then we can have MPs with the talent of someone who is a decent CEO instead of the brain dead retards that we keep seeing elected into Parliament.

I would be very happy to explain to MPs how they can negotiate for themselves better working conditions and pay.   Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill is key.  First, they must revive this Bill, and then abolish the party system, for only by abolishing the party system can they justify abolishing the office of the whip. Sadly, even my own MP was too lazy and stupid to understand it, or pretended he didn't get what I was saying.  

They can get paid more, if they:

  1. are more intellectually stimulating
  2. are  more principled
  3. stop boring us to death with their hypocrisy and their cowardice
  4. exercised their right to free speech and then refused to apologise for saying anything they say that is intellectually and morally defensible
  5. repealed more laws
  6. lowered taxes
  7. stopped voting for stupid wars and laws
  8. made us feel proud to be British again, instead of self-loathing hatred and contempt for the entire system

They would be cheap at twice the price.

I hope for, but do not expect, intelligent questions.   

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