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Libertarian Conservative Jp Floru does not wish to be seen to be plotting against the matriarchy

Jp Floru::

Andrew Lilico: "the best way to stimulate the economy is to go through New Labour's economic measures and to undo them one by one" at the Free Enterprise Group's'Pre Budget Briefing IEA.

Antony Millard   Very surprising, isn't it? Because you'd have thought that true entrepreneurs like Gordon Brown, Ed Mlliiband, Ed Balls and Tony Blair wold have brought their huge experience of business and private sector know-how together to create something extraordinarily successful and amazingly useful and efficient.

Jackson Wright The only thing standing between the nanny state and a rationally small government is feminism which requires totalitarian laws to prop it up, such as the Equality Act 2010.

Antony Millard Jackson makes an early bid for the "conflation of the week" award.

Jane Gould dodgy ground Jackson - but having listened to the special pleading on R4 just now, i'm not sure you're wrong.

Jackson Wright Have you not noticed that no political party in Britain will implement policies that actually support marriage?

Jackson Wright It has been argued that only a theocracy would return Britain to rationally small government now. You are all libertarians or Conservatives, I assume?

Jackson Wright We know what happened to Maurice Glasman for offending the feminazis, don't we?

Blue Labour was the only hope Labour had of ever getting into government again.

Antony Millard I agree that radical feminism is pretty vile Jackson, but my point is that by saying "the only thing" you're suggesting it's the sole and root cause of big government, a position I do struggle with.

Jackson Wright Have you not heard of this thing called "Cultural Marxism", Antony?

Jackson Wright Have you not worked out that that is feminism by another name?

Jackson Wright I am not proposing anything that radical, Antony, unless you think the sky will fall in if the Equality Act is repealed. Do you know how many THOUGHTCRIMES there are in there? You are a libertarian. Don't you care that you have THOUGHTCRIME legislation in your country?

Tim Lord Roll back the state and leave it to organised crime - that is the market solution after all. xx
Jackson Wright How you going to roll back the state when you have a Conservative government that talks about the Big Society and nobody works out that it is Big Government under another name?

Antony Millard Maybe I'm not being clear Jackson, the causes of big government are far wider in my view than mere feminism or indeed throughtcrime.

Jackson Wright Indeed. Indiscriminate universal suffrage was a grave and tragic error. But one thing at a time, Antony, eh?

That can be reversed by proposing the narrowing of the franchise to taxpayers only.

Tim Lord This is a quite a scary thread.

Jackson Wright Why?

Jackson Wright I suppose to most of you feminism is a Sacred Cow. Perhaps you think I have blasphemed against your deity, Tim?

Jackson Wright I acknowledge I may have breached a taboo. But we are all mature and educated people capable of having a rational discussion without getting frightened, are we not?

Jackson Wright

The only way to break this dysfunctional cycle is to tell the truth; candid expression functions as the enemy of irresponsibility. It does not allow unhealthy perspectives to remain unexposed. Only language that avoids self-serving euphemisms and intellectually dishonest mischaracterizations
can effectively diagnose our real condition.

Yet our feminist society condemns candid expression as offensive, hateful and dangerous

. It claims that we only mature through rewards and encouragement (read: bribery) while deeming punishment and candor to be barbaric relics of a patriarchal society.

This philosophy has been put to the test over the last half century, and its fruits are telling:

• A debilitating recession, caused largely by irresponsible borrowing
• Subsidized, state-sanctioned single-mother households
producing the majority of today’s criminals and troubled
• A nationally failing school system
• Online social networks facilitating a culture of narcissisism
• America now officially the fattest nation in the world

Tim Lord It just seems unlikely that the right answer would involve withdrawing the vote from women in those democracies where they have it. Also given the long and unambiguous history of the oppression of women in many societies and the ongoing poor treatment of women in many parts of the world it could be considered a bit stupid and possibly offensive. Worse, unless carefully drafted, such comments could be interpreted as supporting such oppression.

Kevin Newbold I wouldn't just stop at the economic measures. Socialism = equal share of misery

Jackson Wright Are you familiar with the term MANGINA, Tim?

Jackson Wright Are You A Mangina?

Every now and then you’ll see the word “Mangina’ pop up in one of our posts. For those who do not know what one is. Fred X has done a great job on his blog defining what the Mangina is.

Sometimes referred to as pro-feminist, sell-out or traitor, this pathetic excuse would rather ruin his fellow man’s lives with falsehoods and misinformation.

Often spawned from feminist mothers and raised alongside ‘empowered’ females, the Mangina will often sell his soul in order to attain one-night stands.

In other cases, the Mangina will suffer from a deep self-loathing, which manifests itself into campaigning for all things that will hinder his ‘oppressive’ gender.

The Mangina is not a friend of the Men’s Movement and must be treated with contempt at all times.


Sue: My husband received a 1st in his thesis yesterday.
Gina: What was the subject?
Sue: A Feminist Perspective on Patriarchal Western Civilization: The Role of The Trans-gendered ‘Other’ in a Male-Dominated Environment.
Gina: Mangina Studies then.
Sue: Yes.

Jackson Wright I am not proposing to withdraw the vote from women because they are women, Tim!

My idea is not exactly original either for Ian Cowie of the Telegraph has already proposed it.
A tax-based alternative to the Alternative Vote – Telegraph Blogs

Jackson Wright It is just that women left unchecked will become parasitical if they are not criticised for being bad mothers and making bad reproductive choices ie having singly-parented illegitimate children who are not fit for to join the labour force of tomorrow.

This is why successive governments conspire to allow immigration even as they know how much their voters hate it.

Jackson Wright But I am optimistic, for it is only an ideological battle, which can be very easily won.

Men, once they have grasped the degree of their oppression, will wish to cast off the yoke of feminism.

The arguments are not hard to make either since the facts are INCONTROVERTIBLE.

What might happen is that men will find themselves frozen out by their female partners and things may be a little difficult domestically.

I do not advise married men with property to discuss this openly with their wives, who will probably divorce them without hesitation, take half their stuff and then deprive them of their children after accusing them of paedophilia.

I would advise men to discuss this only with each other for the moment.

Jackson Wright Men are half the voters. Once we have the men onside they will need to persuade the women that feminism has been very bad for them indeed.
Four Legacies of Feminism

Jackson Wright Most mothers really do not want to work.

Jackson Wright The views of women who are not mothers can then be safely ignored.


This was yesterday.  Jackson Wright has now been blocked by Jp Floru on Facebook.

Man or Mouse?  Is he afraid of being seen to be plotting against the matriarchy?  He is certainly reluctant to be seen to be hosting the discussion of such a transgressive subject on his Facebook wall.  He may be what is known as a "mangina".   

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