Friday, 15 March 2013


  1. Could nationalism be defined as an ideology of promoting the long term national interest? 
  2. If a nation is a group of tribes who opt to form a nation, do these tribes have to be the same race?  
  3. Nation = land mass + people + state ideology
  4. Nationalism is another word for social conservatism.
  5. Interestingly, ummah also means nation in Arabic.  It is therefore arguable that the only properly Islamic form of nationalism is civic nationalism.  
  6. Arguably, the idea of nationhood comes from Islam through its concept of ummah.
  7. The Islamic concept of ummah obviously transcends race and tribe.  
  8. The Islamic concept of ummah was intended to replace morality and a sense of nationhood for amoral tribalism. 
  9. Civic nationalism is inclusive nationalism.   
  10. Ethno-nationalism is a form of racialism and tribalism.  
  11. Tribalism and racialism is, being racially exclusive, is arguably the *antithesis* of nationalism.  
  12. Judaism is a form of ethno-nationalism and Islam a form of civic nationalism.
  13. If you don't want immigrants, then make sure most of your women have enough legitimate babies who will become productive citizens.  This means destroying feminism as a rational and moral ideology.
  14. To destroy feminism in the UK, repeal the Equality Act 210 and reintroduce fault into divorce to be reflected in the divorce settlement.   

We should not over-intellectualise nationalism. It only means the natural resentment any people would feel about being controlled, exploited and invaded by foreigners.

If patriotism is love, then nationalism is courtship. has a video of the talk, so you can see for yourself how academics have intellectualised what is only an understandable and natural sense of grievance against having foreigners telling you what to do and taking over your country.

What the LSE should examine is how PC extremism operates to censor any discussion of feminism, female promiscuity, bastardy, degeneracy and national decline.

‎"Contemporary multicultural societies have established a number of taboos rooted in the perceived injustice and deleterious effects of modern history, particularly neocolonialism. Tribalisms (for example, ethnocentrism and nationalism) and prejudices (racism, sexism, religious extremism) are opposed at times reflexively despite the potentially high cost of diverse societies in terms of trust and solidarity."

Taboo is also another word for Sacred Cow.

A figurative sacred cow is something else that is considered immune from question or criticism, especially unreasonably so.

What kind of society are we if male politicians are apparently without exception neurotically afraid of

  1. criticising irresponsible, stupid, immoral and promiscuous women who have illegitimate offspring who do not grow up into productive citizens?
  2. criticising homosexuals who want gay marriage legalised?
  3. criticising the existence of a dysgenic welfare state?

Is nationalism just another word for social conservatism?

It seems to me that to be a social conservative now is to be an extremist.

How did this come about?

Social conservatism AKA patriarchy has been around for much longer than liberal feminist extremism.

Social conservatism is analogous to being sensible and sober while liberal feminist extremism is analogous to a woman letting her hair down, taking her clothes off, taking drugs and getting drunk while dancing and copulating the night away at a sex party.

When she regains consciousness, it may be that she will suspect that she has been raped, impregnated and infected with an STI without the faintest idea who the father might be.
A Turk talking about British nationalism.


Anonymous said...

So you're not really an ethno-nationalist at all. Civic nationalism is fine if you're non-white but what about those whites who wish to preserve their race? Stop white women being SSMs, you say. Well, fair and well, but... read this.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you for drawing my attention to the Metapedia entry.

I cannot be an ethno-nationalist if I permanently reside in a country that is different to the one that I was born in.

I believe in the utility of not making too much of a person's origins and appearance if they cannot help it, provided their behaviour and morality is what I would find acceptable.

Claire Khaw said...

I would like it to be known that I would treat people of other races no better or no worse than people of my own race.

If people of my own race were mostly sluts and bastards, I would have no compunction about pointing this out loudly and repeatedly until my message has been delivered, accepted and acted upon.

Claire Khaw said...

Think of ethno-nationalism and civic nationalism as buses.

The civic nationalist bus is more capacious, inclusive, roadworthy and frequent.

The ethno-nationalist bus is always associated with disaster, breakdown, bad driving and has never been known to turn up.

If you give up showing your hatred for other races who are just as concerned about immigration as you are, you will get closer towards you destination than if you refused to ever board buses with passengers you don't like the look of.