Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Archbishop of Canterbury has already gone native

Justin Welby: Gone native already

He ends by saying after a few paragraphs of hand-wringing incoherent bleeding heart liberal drivel:

So this is not a great, grand political gesture, but a reasoned questioning of something that a lot of people are concerned about. It is not me saying the government is evil (I am much less cynical than many about politicians of all sides), but that I don’t agree on this particular bit of a programme which in general is incredibly brave. Perhaps a little less heat and a little more clarity would help.

Rowan Williams could have written this himself.

Paraphrased, it just says:

"I have to say this sort of thing because I am now the AB of C and Commie Pinko Liberal ABs of Cs have a long-standing tradition of being obliged to say shit like this."   

Anyway, it is clear that "ABCJustin" as he now calls himself is a Commie Pinko Liberal precisely because he wants female bishops and will whine in a leftist way about any cut the government proposes.

He will be supporting gay marriage next, probably.

As we all know, most women are conformists and the orthodoxy they currently conform to is Commie Pinko Liberal Feminism.  When you become aware of how many women there are who are now in senior positions in journalism and other media, you will know why the West is now afflicted and dying of Commie Pinko Liberal Feminism.

Look at the list at if you don't believe me, and note not just the number of female journalists but also the number of editors who are female and Commie Pinko Liberal Feminist.

I hate to say this, but the brains of men fall out when they see a woman they fancy.  Yesterday, a male friend who is educated, professional and legally-trained (but who identifies himself as a UKIP-Conservative) was cooing about Anna Soubry and Harriet Harman.

I am considering only letting ugly, but clever and good people enter politics when I am Dictator of Britain.

It now occurs to me that the niqab was really to protect men from women.   

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