Wednesday, 13 March 2013

No-fault divorce means marriage is treated as less than a business contract

Introduce no-fault divorce now and remedy the shabby state of affairs caused by craven politicians

Saying we should have no-fault divorce is like saying that marriage is actually less important than a contract.

But this is what Philippa Dolan of Ashfords solicitors says should be imposed.

The courts act to enforce contracts and in practice treats them as sacred, unless they are illegal contracts outside the law, eg if you paid a hitman to do a hit on your wife and he just took the money and didn't do the job.

If you formed a business partnership and it was your business partner's fault that caused the partnership to break up and you to lose money, should the partner at fault just take half of everything since the partnership was formed?

Should s/he fuck.

But then the white middle class liberal these days has shit for brains, and can't think straight after so many decades of feminist mindfuckery.

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