Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Oik and Toryboy in YI leadership contest

Submit your questions for Wednesday night's YI Chairmanship debate here 
Left: Rob Comley    Right: Sean Howlett

  1. Which Tory MP, apart from Michael Gove, should replace David Cameron to make the Tories fit for an electoral pact?
  2. Should UKIP make an electoral pact with a Tory Party led by Michael Gove or some other other "grown-up" Tory?  Why or why not?
  3.  What does UKIP need to do to become the third party of Britain?
  4. Does UKIP have any chance of becoming third party in the UK if it will not do a deal with the BNP?
  5. If UKIP does a deal with the BNP, what conditions must it stipulate?
  6. Is UKIP's unthinking Zionist stance helpful to Eurosceptics or is it a price worth paying for funding?
  7. If Nigel_Farage had contested Eastleigh himself, would he have been more likely to win than Diane James?
  8. Should Nigel_Farage have contested Eastleigh himself instead of saying he was too busy being MEP to be MP?
  9. What is your view of a leader of a Eurosceptic party saying he is too busy being MEP to be MP?
  10. What are the things you would do if you were leader of UKIP now that you think should be but is not being done?
  11. Did u no LibDems - the third political party - are the result of a merger between the Liberal Party and the SDP?
  12. Would you say that, realistically, UKIP would have to merge with another party to become the 3rd party in the UK?
  13. Do you realise that for UKIP to progress it must both consolidate and expand?  What does this mean to you?
  14. How should UKIP regard itself?  As a party of protest or a party that will eventually replace the Conservatives?
  15. What is your view about the blanket ban against ex-BNP members from joining UKIP?
  16. What is your view of Claire Khaw?
  17. Which of Claire Khaws' views do you find most abhorrent and why?

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