Sunday, 10 March 2013

UKIP list of approved Eurosceptic Tory MPs being compiled

To do list::
  1. Get Nigel Farage to say which Eurosceptic Tory MPs he would't mind Cameron replaced by, preferably one who is on one of the lists at ie who is (1) a declared Eurosceptic (2) not a warmonger or easily persuaded by warmongers (3) against gay marriage on principle (4) wants to repeal the Equality Act 2010 (5) wants to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998
  2. Get Tories to have a leadership election only with candidates who are on UKIP-approved list.  
  3. Get Labour to have a leadership election only with candidates who are Eurosceptic.
  4. Get Tories to form to break their coalition with Mansion-taxing Manginas and form a coalition with Labour instead.   
It is envisaged that a Con/Lab coalition would improve the government of this country and obviate the need for Labour and Conservative to score points against each other, so that they use their energies in service of the long-term national interest and giving us good government, instead of fighting each other.

I have a cunning plan for turning this country into a one-party state after the next election, and this will involve Eurosceptic MPs persuading the electorate of the advantages of this stable and unifying new system and dumping the divisive and unstable current one.

It would help if people see me as a force for good rather than evil and asked intelligent questions for a change.


Anonymous said...

Dear Claire, you never respond to the comment how you would improve this country if you were Head of Tory Party in plain English.Maybe it is proof that you never read your comments and you also do plagiarism.I am shocked I admired you I thought you like writing about the truth. Please may you put this matter straight. People told me you sensational show off who only thinks about herself all the the time. Is this true?

Claire Khaw said...

If you still think that you clearly have not been reading my blog with sufficient attention. Most posts are full of practical ideas about how to improve the world.

Have you nor read my letter explaining to the Pope why he should convert to Islam in order to abolish usury?