Friday, 8 March 2013

Why don't powerful men support men's rights?

Because they

  1. do not want to associate with victim men
  2. think victim men are beyond contempt
  3. think victim men probably deserve what they get for being limp-dicked sub-alphas and gutless whingers
  4. think they or their friends could never become victim men and that this sort of thing only happens to other people
  5. would not acknowledge their victimhood by whingeing about it even if they themselves really have been victims

These days only a female with the mind of a man can fight feminism.

A few tips for anti-feminist men:

  • The term "feminazi" and "matriarchy" should be used to command the terns of discourse. Do NOT talk of yourselves as victims.
  • Only when men have the courage to call themselves anti-feminist will the challenge to feminism really begin.
  • The very idea of "victim men" is nauseating and repulsive. No wonder alpha males shun the very idea of helping sub-alpha victims in case their pariah status rubs off on them, like a kind of social leprosy.
  • Men will never be able to compete with women in the field of victim status. The idea is repugnant anyway.
  • Your best bet really is not to argue this point yourself but to hire me to do it.   Most anti-feminists are by definition sub-alphas and therefore bound to create the impression that they deserved whatever bad treatment they have suffered.   Mike Buchanan is a case in point.  View his performance at  Definitely sub-alpha: sour, angry, short and rather  unattractive.  Women will not fancy him, especially if he is criticising feminism, and men just won't want to identify with him at any level.   I am more likely to charm and amuse people than a sub-alpha male victim of feminism. 
  • Steve Moxon seems reasonably attractive but UKIP dumped him because he wrote something controversial about the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik in his blog.  But perhaps his stripey jumper was reason enough.  Have a look at that

What do you have to ask for to destroy the matriarchy and feminism as a viable, rational and moral ideology?

  1. The reintroduction of fault into divorce so the bitch cannot divorce you and take your house as soon as she is bored and irritated by you.   
  2. The repeal of the Equality Act 2010 if you live in the UK or your country's equivalent of totalitarian thoughtcrime anti-discrimination employment legislation.   
  3. The abolition of the welfare state.  (That should be easy because Western governments can no longer afford to the upkeep of this sacred cow anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that you've now linked to Oz Conservative... I think it must have been me that recommended that blog to you first in some of my comments. It really is a good blog in terms of analysis and critique of leftist thought - one of the best out there.

What you say about the "men's rights movement" is absolutely correct. Those men who do support it, and embrace the politics of victimhood, are only viewed as losers.