Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Women betraying their former political comrades in ALL the political parties

The young female member in the latest case says that the senior party member had physically abused her in front of other party members. Then, she claims, in early 2011 [It now early 2013, boys and girls!] the male organiser pressured her into meeting and then raped her in her bedroom.

She felt that if she'd gone to the authorities, she would have be expelled from the party, because of the SWP's hostility to the police. "If you go to the police you get kicked out automatically," she said.

If someone broke your nose would you leave it for 6 months before reporting it?

If you are a bloke and someone anally raped you, would you leave it a few months before reporting it?

If you left it all that time then this rather means you couldn't have been that bothered, doesn't it?   You probably thought you couldn't prove it in a court of law, so you decided to forget about it, until someone told you that you you had the option of telling your story to the party.  

Now, it seems that you need not prove the accusations at all, merely make them and give all those people a whole load of trouble, which you spitefully thought you might do.    

So you thought you might as well as you are not doing anything much at the moment.

Unemployed/FE/School — £2 per month
University students — £5 per month
Employed — £10-£30 per month depending on income and circumstances.

Assuming that after you were raped and you thought staying in the party was more important than reporting the rape to the police, then the compensation due to you would be however long you continued to pay your membership dues after your rape, and then wished you hadn't, and left the party.

Can't say fairer than that, can you, considering you cannot prove the rape beyond reasonable doubt after so many years have elapsed?

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