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"We don't let white ppl decide what's racist, or men decide what's sexist. Why are we letting cis ppl decide what's transphobic?"

This rather sinister tweet has a certain assumptions I wouldn't mind unpicking.

Are white people really not allowed to decide what is racist?  Or are they just too stupid to say "What do you mean by 'racist'?"  It should be borne in mind that racism has not been legally defined as can be seen at

Are men really not allowed to decide what is sexist?  Or are they just too stupid to say "What do you mean by 'sexist'?  Do you mean "anything a woman finds offensive"?

Who defines what is "transphobic"?

First we need to define what is transphobia.  

Transphobia, it would appear, is an irrational fear and hatred of transgendered people, ie people who have had a sex change.

I have been accused of having an irrational fear and hatred of the transgendered, which I deny.

Hate crime
A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice based upon the victim's:
  • disability
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • transgender identity
  • Hate crime can take many forms including:

  • physical attacks such as physical assault, damage to property, offensive graffiti and arson
  • threat of attack including offensive letters, abusive or obscene telephone calls, groups hanging around to intimidate, and unfounded, malicious complaints
  • verbal abuse, insults or harassment - taunting, offensive leaflets and posters, abusive gestures, dumping of rubbish outside homes or through letterboxes, and bullying at school or in the workplace.

I have not verbally abused in any way.

I plead Not Guilty, M'lud!

I suppose he means to say that it is up to the person offended to decide whether or not the person he feels he has offended him is guilty or not.

As far as he is concerned I have been tried and convicted.  He is offended, therefore I am guilty.

Thank God for courts of law and the right to a fair trial, eh?    We still just about have that, but its powers of legal reasoning are slowly being destroyed by advanced matriarchal dementia.

Advanced matriarchal dementia allows people like Sabine to lord it over us on account of his perceived victimhood.   They even make the taxpayer pay for him to have his surgery so that he can enhance his victim status to increase his power over the male taxpayer, and it seems the male taxpayer does not mind, or is too stupid or scared to say anything.  

Is not the degradation of the white men alarming and frightening?  How can you shock such people out of their unquestioning obedience to the matriarchy?  Nothing seems to work.  It is as if they enjoy their oppression or perhaps, even now, they refuse to acknowledge it.

Or is the really the case that they have no pride and feel no shame and have not the slightest idea what you mean when you talk about principle, courage and justice?

Then they are no better than cattle, and cattle are only bred for one purpose - to be eaten after slaughter.

Why men are afraid of women

Claire, you are generally awesome.. and you post some interesting thoughts.. however I can't "like" them unfortunately cos I don't want people who know me in real life to know that I like your views. I envy you cos you can speak your mind so freely. Unfortunately a single man is the least free person on the planet because they are at very real and large risk of not having any children. A woman has no such concerns however. Just wanted to say that :)

Dispossessed and oppressed men will simply bide their time and wait for a breakdown in law and order before they assert and avenge themselves.

Feminists should be honest to transgender people and say feminism has nothing to offer anyone who is not a woman

Points to note about feminism.

  1. Feminism bribes heterosexual men with cheap sex, which is bad for them.
  2. Feminism has nothing offers women the burden of being expected to work after she becomes a mother.
  3. Feminism gives women a greater probability of becoming a cougar or a jaguar.
  4. Feminism gives women a greater probability of dying childless.
  5. Feminism makes women bad mothers.
  6. Feminism has resulted in widespread illegitimacy.  Once the working mother becomes the norm, the divorced mother becomes the norm.  Once the divorced mother becomes the norm, the never married mother becomes the norm.
  7. Feminism has resulted in the justification of the neglect of the elderly.
  8. Feminism supports the right of women to be as promiscuous as men, therefore feminism promotes female promiscuity.
  9. Feminism cannot exist without totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation ie the Equality Act 2010.
  10. Feminism has given same sex couples the civil partnership.  Women don't care about men having sex with me.  Female MPs are less bothered by gay marriage than male MPs.   
  11. Feminism is about to give same sex couples gay marriage.  This is of course the penultimate act of desecrating marriage.  Before you poo on marriage you wee on it.  What could be worse than giving same sex couples gay marriage?  Forbid heterosexual couples from getting married, of course, and say marriage can only be the privilege of same-sex couples.   
  12. Feminism is really not interested in transgender people.  While feminists are flattered that emasculated and mentally ill men should want to become women - imitation is after all the highest form of flattery - they do not respect them, as Julie Bindlel does not.  Feminism regards transgender people as "other" as they do the male sex.  It is really a divide and rule tactic to keep the enemy busy fighting each other by setting them against each other, probably.  
  13. The hierarchy in our matriarchy is this: (Class A) Women (Class B) Men of other Races (Class C) Homosexuals (Class D) Transgender People (Class E) Men of their own race.  "We know who is in power by those whom we cannot criticise."  
  14. What the matriarchy might do for transgender men is to pass totalitarian legislation to protect them from having their feelings hurt by men in Class B, C and E.  To do so would be a way of rattling their cages, poking at them with stick in order to show them who is boss.  If you are supreme you need to assert your authority from time to time.  By forcing male employers in Class E to hire someone they despise and regard as a freak is a very effective way of rubbing their noses in it.  

SMASH FEMINISM NOW, before it crushes you completely.

Please help me save a life and a sex organ
A staggering 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide.  

Should we be trying to stop @B1uEYE from mutilating his genitalia and then feeling suicidal about that?

Please join to help save his life.

He is not trained for any occupation and wants to do gender studies after his transition.  He is not going to get a job, is he, in the hard times ahead?

He will end up working in porn and becoming a prostitute.

I have already told him why men despise men who are born men yet give that up because they are not up to facing life as a man, which is harder than the life of a woman, only to become a prostitute.

They become prostitutes because they won't get a decent job and the usual jobs for women in cleaning and childcare will be closed to them.

Also, men who want a female prostitute and find themselves with a man disguised as a female prostitute get very angry indeed and tend to commit violent assault.

Please help me save his sex organ and his life.  

He can be found at and
Sex changes are not effective, say researchers

Even The Guardian says it doesn't work!

And even Julie Bindel, who writes for the Guardian, says don't do it.  She says they won't be taken seriously if they get raped and won't even have access to public toilets.

Not being able to use a public toilet when you are dying for poo or a wee would make anyone suicidal, I would have thought.

Bindel was trying to do them a favour by warning them against this, but got slagged off for being transphobic for her trouble instead.

Being transphobic seems to mean "incurring the hatred of transsexuals" rather than really hating transgender people, which is crazy and unfair.  I don't think hating anyone should be a crime, as long as you don't do anything to them that is against the law.  Julie Bindel means well, I am sure, and even if she and I don't see eye to eye with each other on feminism, I can see that she meant well really.

Feminism is nothing to do with giving men equal rights anyway.  It is all about getting women more rights at the expense of men and society.  Feminists consider transsexuals as "other" in just the same way that they consider men as other and the enemy, and certainly lower than men.

Please help me stop him from - I am sorry to be crude about this - cutting his dick off, depriving himself of offspring, and becoming a prostitute or porn actor with a degree in gender studies.  I know I would feel suicidal in his place if I ended up like that.

I really don't think this sort of thing should be available on the NHS at all.

I hope no one is going to accuse me of hating transgender people.  What I feel is concern and compassion for men who feel they doing this to themselves would make them feel happier, when statistics almost conclusively show that quite the opposite is the case.  It is actually wicked not to discourage them, in my opinion.

It is a great shame that he has disabled his account.  I managed to reveal a lot about his motivations through my forensic questioning, and that is now all lost.

The important facts I remember are that he dropped out of school and hopes to do a degree in gender studies post-op.   He is so paranoid that he accused Cath Eliot of plotting against him because she invited some people to her home one evening.

He unfriends his friends who associate with people whose views he dislikes.

Not good mental health, I would say.

Anyway, read his blog.  It is all an exercise in obtaining victim status through this new feminist concept called intersectionality, in my opinion.

Intersectionality is about the measurement and comparison of victim status as well as the acquisition of it, as those who have done Gender Studies will know.  I have no idea why the government funds these courses at taxpayers' expense.

Below are tweets by people who hate me, wish me harm and want to censor me while claiming I hate transgender people.  I don't hate them.  I already know they lead terrible lives and have mental health issues, and that is why it is so wicked to encourage them to think a sex change will make them feel better about themselves.  They probably want to have lots of sex but know they can't have lots of sex as men, only as women. Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it, because it is true that a woman can get lots of sex as long as she is prepared to lower her standards, as Dr Kanazawa will confirm.

... every woman has the power to predict the future, while very few men do.  If a man wakes up in the morning and says to himself, “Tonight I will get laid,” the prediction will fail a vast majority of the times, unless he’s incredibly handsome.  (Most young men in fact do make this prediction every morning and go to bed alone and disappointed every night.)  If a woman -- any woman -- wakes up in the morning and says to herself, “Tonight I will get laid,” the prediction will always come true every time.  Such is the power of female choice.

John Kemp:

"If a man is tired of his penis, he is tired of life."

Monday, 29 April 2013

How UKIP should deal with media "exposés" of any ex-BNP members who are now UKIP council candidates

"Let the media and rival political parties be informed that, for the purposes of the local elections on 2 May 2013, no UKIP council candidate discovered to have been an ex-BNP member need worry about expulsion or suspension.   It has been acknowledged that this draconian and over-restrictive rule prevents us from getting the support we would otherwise enjoy and gives us the impression of being a bunch of prissy middle-class cowards and effeminate elderly out of touch snobs.

As long as UKIP council candidates do not say anything that is criminal, or morally and intellectually indefensible, they will neither be suspended nor expelled.

The media can do their utmost to wrong-foot and embarrass UKIP, but we will not be jumping out of skins and begging for liberal forgiveness as we used as soon as they shouted "racist", "sexist", "antisemitic" or "homophobic" at us.  

Instead, we will ask them exactly what they mean by those terms and ask if there is anything our candidates might have said that is actually illegal.  The business of politics means that anything one says will be found to be offensive by someone  holding an opposing view.  To prosecute or persecute anyone merely on the grounds that they have caused offence in the easily-offended is to undermine the very principle of free speech that is fundamental to all our liberties.

UKIP will not waver from this principle and have appointed its Media Spokesperson, Claire Khaw, to deal with any manufactured scandals the media and our political rivals may uncover in their attempts to discredit us.  

It is UKIP's purpose to challenge the conventional orthodoxy that has resulted in the obscenity of a Conservative Prime Minister proposing to legalise gay marriage.  We will not be intimidated by the liberal smears of the Conservative Party, who stand for nothing except the cod-Conservative policies of a leader of mediocre intellect sadly out of touch with public opinion."

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa: a man I would *consider* fucking on a first date compared to a man who is too cowardly to state his views and does not deserve to pass on his genes

He is the man who wrote:

True, while these are all statements of the bleeding obvious, it is only Kanazawa who has had the courage of stating the obvious, unlike the lily-livered white men all around him, pretending not to get what he is saying, for example,

If most white men become like Chiropterarex then most white women will want to look elsewhere for more viable and attractive specimens of manhood, and the white race will die off.   

A man who is too afraid to state his political views in a country that is supposedly a liberal democracy that supports free speech is simply contemptible.  Thee really is no other word for it.  The trouble is that most white men these days are not only feminised, they are also infantilised.   So, apart from the occasional whimper and bleat from them in the hope of having their nappies changed, we cannot expect much from them.  

Here are some of questions he has answered:

Q   Based om is it your view that Ms Crampton is a Holocaust Denier?‎ 

A.  I haven't read the original text, only a few excerpts and rewordings. So I am not in a position to voice a proper opinion.
From that article if suggests she didn't actually deny the holocaust but was apparently saying that the Jews were in some way complicit. If that is indeed what she said then it is just as bad.
But as I say, I haven't read the original text and don't feel a need to. 

Q.  Would you say that the Western male is so pussy-whipped he doesn't know how pussy-whipped he is and is in denial about what a pussy he has become?‎ 

A.   No. I'd never say that, it is as offensive as it is ridiculous.
I am no less male because I think men and women deserve equal respect. I am no less make because I raised two children without a female partner.
I almost deleted this foolish question. 

Q.   Are you really not able to cut and paste a sentence or sentences found in the Foreword that you believe to be a principle of the Conservative Party at without getting yourself into trouble?‎

A.   I have said I am not answering anything that gives my opinion directly on party politics. I have explained the basic reason why not. End of topic. 

Q.  Ann Marie Crampton did not deny the Holocaust. Should Ann Marie Crampton have been suspended as a local election candidate by UKIP?‎  

A.  Sorry, answered this question on your one about religion die to lack of attention.
I am not answering that one, meant to delete it. I have no wish to talk about religion further than my opinion that people should need gee to follow their own religion. People should accept that others may have different religions and tolerate this. 

Q.  What is the purpose of religion?‎  

A.   I have no idea if she did or did not make the comments attributed to her. It isn't for me to say whether the decision was correct.
Obviously the evidence can be looked in to and if she did nor make or use the profile she has recourse to legal action. It is possible UKIP have made a hasty ill informed decision or not.
As far as I am concerned it is up to UKIP if they wage to back a candidate. It is up to the electorate whether they vote for her. It is up to her if she seeks to clear her name. 

Q.  It has been claimed by the Conservative Party that the principles of the Conservative Party are contained in the Foreword of Can you identify anything resembling a principle, let alone a Conservative principle? 

A.  As a serving Civil Servant I can't answer questions about political parties, politicians, government policy etc. It different mean I don't have opinions, I just can't discuss them on the internet. 

Q.  Are you really saying that discussing feminsim and marriage in the way we have is in any way controversial?‎  

A.   No, I was only reffering to talking about politicians or party politics.
I am able to discuss political ideals, concepts, etc. So my answers to you about divorce, feminism. Etc. Are fine.

Q.  Is there a rule against civil servants discussing politics online?‎  

A.   There are, it is linked to public and private activities. During a Genral election most of is can't publicly back anyone. So we shouldn't tweet, update facebook, etc. We can of course discuss it in private with friends & family.
We shouldn't discuss Govt policy at any time.
There are grey areas, where sensible caution is required.
I prefer to be more cautious than absolutely necessary. It isn't as though my opinion can't be given, more that I need to consider what top say. I think anyone that had paid attention to what I discuss would be able to gauge my opinions. 

Q.  Would you like to see me use my methods of interrogation on elected politicians?‎

A.   Might be amusing with sound.  Politicians avoid straight answers as you know. I think your style of questioning would get a lot of bluster.
I can't comment further on political questions as this account is linked to my real name and I am a serving civil servant. 

Q.  Do you think feminism has "gone too far"?‎  

A.   I think people often misconceive what feminism is about. Feminism is seeking equality, not superiority.
Feminists can't be stereotyped as they come in every walk of life and have different opinions on such things as positive discrimination to draw an example. 

Q.  "Moral and rational women do not and should not mind accepting limits on their behaviour." Do you agree?‎  

A.  No.
Everyone should, in my opinion behave in a manner that is as respectful to others add possible. Why would I think it applied by gender? 

Q.   "In order for men to control women, they too will have to control themselves." Do you agree?‎ 

A.  I don't feel the need to "control" women, so the question falls. 

Q.   "The purpose of social conservatism is to control women." 

A.  I don't agree with any form of stereotyping be it by gender, sexually, ethnicity, religion, etc. Stereotyping is something that can't always be avoided, three key is to recognise any stereotypes one has drawn and then not act on them.
Obviously I agree others not only stereotype and act on them but also actively seek out such behaviour. 13 days ago

Q.  "Marriage is an institution." Do you know what this means?‎  

A.  Yes. Basically put it is the public declaration of unit between two people. Out is to show others that the could are united in their journey through life. That they will strive together and support each other.
I entered into mine with the understanding that such a thing is for life things changed and I found myself alone with two children to raise. Though their mother stayed involved in their lives.
I don't know where you are going with this.

I have written to Dr Kanazawa in the following terms:

Claire Khaw
How to promote your book and get more publicity for your ideas

  1. Be publicly associated with me.
  2.  Join and ask me questions at
  3.  Tweet me at
  4. Agree with me that the white man is pussy-whipped and the white woman has the whip hand and that, because of this, Western man has become increasingly degenerate, effeminate, irrational and immoral.
  5. Repeat what you said when you said:  "The best thing to do is to kill all the feminists and hippies and liberals.  Destroy political correctness completely once and for all.  Teach boys and girls that they are different, not the same, and that it’s okay (nay, wonderful) to be different.  One is not right and the other is not wrong.  Stop telling girls that they are inferior versions of boys, as feminists have done for the last half century, or, as has more recently been the case, stop telling boys that they are inferior versions of girls."  You may wish to substitute "kill all" for "expose as unviable, irrational and immoral the ideology of" the feminists, hippies and liberals.
  6. In return, I will consider having sex with you on the first date, as promised at
  7. I will also attend accompany book signings of yours so that you can attract even more publicity.  If there are riots and criminal damage inside and outside bookshops, all the better.       

You will probably think I am some sort of groupie, but I don't care.
Claire Khaw

I should have asked him (but forgot) whether he has heard of Martin Sewell and Simon Sheppard who have been similarly victimised by the matriarchy.

Claire Khaw described by Feminist as a "UKIP worshipper"

Actually, I am very pissed off with the pussies at UKIP. explains.

The Tories are trawling through the Facebook accounts of their council candidates and saying they are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.

What should UKIP do with all the bad press they are getting?


They could, before polls close on 2 May, appoint me as their Media Spokesman, and see what happens.

Ms Crampton would romp in at Crowborough if they dared to do that.

If they did that, I would be Dictator of Britain after the next General Election too, probably.  I will also do the stuff Maggie didn't get round to doing, and make the working classes fit for purpose again.

How would I do that?  By destroying the reputation of feminism as a moral, sustainable and rational ideology and curing the West of its malaise that is even now creeping eastwards.

The cancer of global feminism is advanced but not yet terminal, I like to think.

But only if UKIP appoints me its Media Spokesman before May 2.

Do these policies belong in a Fascist Party?

It is forbidden:

1. To so neglect an animal in one's ownership, care or accommodation that it thereby experiences appreciable pain or appreciable damage.

2. To use an animal unnecessarily for what clearly exceeds its powers or causes it appreciable pain, or which it-in consequence of its condition-is obviously not capable of.

3. To use and animal for demonstrations, film-making, spectacles, or other public events to the extent that these events cause the animal appreciable pain or appreciable damage to health.

4. To use a fragile, ill, overworked or old animal for which further life is a torment for any other purpose than to cause or procure a rapid, painless death.

5. To put out one's domestic animal for the purpose of getting rid of it.

6. To set or test the power of dogs on cats, foxes, and other animals.

7. To shorten the ears or the tail of a dog over two weeks old. This is allowed if it is done with anaesthesia.

8. To shorten the tail of a horse. This is allowed if it is to remedy a defect or illness of the tail and is done by a veterinarian and under anaesthesia.

9. To perform a painful operation on an animal in an unprofessional manner or without anaesthesia, or if anaesthesia in a particular case is impossible according to veterinary standards.

10. To kill an animal for fur.

11. To force-feed fowl.

12. To slaughter an animal without pre-stunning. (There are to be no exceptions to state law on the grounds of religion)

13. To operate on or handle living animals in ways that may cause appreciable pain or damage for the purpose of experiments.

I was to have been Media Spokesman for the New British Union until I realised I would have to defend all of the above.  All my tactful suggestions for policy documents to be removed from display to be re-released after re-drafting while I concentrated on making the point that Fascism is not Racism were received as a personal insult.  

What would Mosley or Mussolini think of men who think Fascism is about animal rights and that it would be more of a deal-breaker than race?

  • Is animal welfare a girly preoccupation?
  • Is vegetarianism a girly preoccupation?
  • Is Britain a morbidly feminised nation?
  • Is the British political establishment morbidly feminised?
  • Are those who would wish to challenge the British political establishment also themselves morbidly feminised?
  • Do men who join animal rights groups do it just to get pussy?  
  • Are men who join animal groups mostly from low income groups?
  • Is how feminised the men of a nation are linked to the availability of extramarital sex?
  • Is the availability of extramarital sex linked to the promiscuity of women?
  • Is the easy availability of extramarital sex linked to feminisation of men who start taking on the causes favoured by women in order to have sexual access to them?
  • Is it any surprise that a nation of feminised men would be invaded and exploited by men who have not been feminised?

How do you know if you are a male who has been feminised?

  1. You regard feminism as a sacred cow.
  2. You regard feminism as a sacred cow even after being reduced to the abject condition of joining Fathers4Justice (ie you have been fucked over by your ex-wife who has not only divorced you but also deprived you of your offspring) yet are still too afraid to criticise feminism.
  3. You refuse to criticise sluts.
  4. Even after you have been told of the sluts that harm do, you still refuse to criticise sluts because most of your friends and female relations are sluts anyway, and probably so is your boss and/or your girlfriend.   
  5. You recognise that sluts are your main and only source of sex that you can afford and it wouldn't do to offend them.
  6. You prefer to get your sex cheap and free (but with lots of hidden charges) from sluts rather than from  an honest prostitute who tells you her price up front.
  7. You cannot easily obtain the services of an honest prostitute because brothels are illegal in the matriarchy you live in, but you are too stupid or scared to call for the legalisation of brothels.   
  8. You have read all of the above, understood all of the above but still refuse criticise the promiscuous female who form the parasitic pornocracy made up of SSMs (Slut or Spinster Single Mothers)
  9. You are a leader or a member of a Eurosceptic party wishing to assert British sovereignty and don't care if the whole world knows you are neurotically and pathetically afraid of offending Jews and would suspend a candidate for offending Zionists even if she did not deny the Holocaust and Holocaust Denial is not a crime in Britain, whose sovereignty you wish to assert.
  10. You think it is OK to be effeminate ie think, behave and express the political preferences of women to the detriment of yourself, the male sex and the long term national interest of your nation, because you have been told that feminism allows you to do so on grounds of gender equality.  
  11. You do not see or refuse to acknowledge the shame of being dominated by the female sex who are mostly weaker, poorer and more irrational than you.   

These are the policy documents of a Fascist Party. Can you spot the odd one out?

  1. Basic Principles
  2. NBU Economics
  3. NBU Education
  4. NBU Foreign Policy
  5. NBU Social Values
  6. Health Care Policy
  7. NBU Animal Welfare Policy
  8. Law Justice and Crime Policy
  9. National Youth Corps
  10. Immigration Policy
  11. Policies and Conference

Friday, 26 April 2013

Canadian men so pussywhipped its political establishment is afraid of offending mothers of illegitimate children. Are most Canadian babies, like British babies, illegitimate?

Mischa Popoff was the B.C. Conservative Candidate for Boundary-Similkameenuntil he was dumped for offending SSMs

You wish to invade and exploit the people of another country and you want to do it as easily and quickly as possible through peaceful means. Which of the following offers the easiest and ripest of pickings?
Where the men are afraid of criticising SSMs
    Where the men are not afraid of criticising SSMs

    SSMs are described at

    How I would deal with Ann-Marie Crampton if I were UKIP Press Officer

    "UKIP is a libertarian and patriotic party, and it would be incumbent on such a party to defend free speech.   

    While Ms Crampton's remarks will be considered offensive to Zionists, UKIP is neutral on Israel and will do nothing to harm or help Israel. This statement cannot be reasonably doubted since UKIP is a party of protest without a single elected Member of Parliament.   

    In any event, nothing Ms Crampton has said satisfies the elements of Holocaust Denial.   

    While it is a crime in most EU Member States to deny the Holocaust, it is not a crime to do so in Britain, and Ms Crampton is a British citizen on British soil.  

    It is the view of UKIP that the crime of Holocaust Denial do Jews a disservice, making them feared and hated and the subject of conspiracy theories.   As a libertarian party we would campaign against any law that unreasonably restricts free speech on a subject that is very much live and the subject of continuing historical investigation.   A law that criminalises British citizens and British historians for saying a number under five million as the number of Jews killed by Nazis is clearly oppressive and a disgrace to any nation that claims to subscribe to liberal values of free speech.

    Six million (the number Ms Crampton mentioned) does not fall within the category of Holocaust Denial, even if that were a crime in Britain, and it is not.

    The suspension of Ms Crampton is hereby withdrawn.  She remains the Crowborough UKIP candidate."

    1. Did Ann-Marie Crampton deny the Holocaust?

    2. Is Holocaust Denial a crime in Britain?

    3. Should Ann-Marie Crampton be punished even if she did not deny the Holocaust?

    4. Is Nigel Farage a moral coward?

    5. Do we know for certain Ann-Marie Crampton would not be elected councillor if she were allowed to represent UKIP in Crowborough?

    6. Are there more people pissed off with the Tories in Crowborough or more people pissed off with Ann-Marie Crampton not denying the Holocaust?

    7. Are UKIP afraid of Jews and/or Zionists?

    8. If UKIP are afraid of Jews and/or Zionists, should they be?

    9. Are UKIP members who want to dump Ann-Marie Crampton cowards and hypocrites?

    10. Is UKIP afraid of defending the principle of free speech?

    11. Is a party that claims to be libertarian cowardly and hypocritical if it does not support the right of Ann-Marie Crampton to express her views about Zionism without punishing her for them?

    12. Would it do UKIP any good to punish Ann-Marie Crampton?

    13. Would it do UKIP any harm to take a stand against Zionists instead of kowtowing to them all the time?

    Guardian looking for UKIP candidates who used to be members of BNP/NF/BDP etc

    I write for The Guardian and I'm looking to speak to UKIP candidates who used to be members of the BNP/National Front/BDP etc. Please private message me if you have any information or leads. Claire Khaw Jeffrey Marshall Eddy Butler Tony Martin

    What is your view of a man who says this under the impression that he is being clever?

    Would you say he is a product of a decadent culture?

    Could it be that he is in fact effeminate?

    Could it be that he is both effeminate and proud of his effeminacy?

    Does such a man deserve to pass on his genes?

    If he does manage to pass on his genes, can you imagine what his offspring would be as an adult?

    Would any moral and sensible woman want to have children with a man who is effete, effeminate and proud of his effeteness and effeminacy?

    Are there any moral and sensible women left in this country?

    Thursday, 25 April 2013

    Only if UKIP stands firm on Ms Crampton in Crowborough will it deserve to do well

    Let us not have any more of this endless endless endless capitulation to the Liberal Left who cry racist and antisemite at the drop of a hat.  

    Let us not have something or someone be labelled antisemitic just because some Commie Pinko Liberal Lefty Red says so.  

    There is nothing antisemitic about discussing the Holocaust.

    “The Rothschilds are Zionists. There is a difference between Jews and Zionists.
    “These psychopaths hide behind and use the Jews.
    “It was thanks to them that six million Jews were murdered in the War along with 26 million Russians.”

    She has not denied the Holocaust by saying any of this, has she?

    Well, then don't treat her as if she had.

    Stand firm, UKIP!   

    Wednesday, 24 April 2013

    Dave Jones, aspiring councillor of Todmorden, spreads claims that Claire Khaw is a police informant

    I like to think that Public Debate at really does have the highest standard of rational discourse while being politically diverse.

    As for Dave Jones claiming that I am a police informant, I am pretty certain that even he does not believe in that himself.   The little loser is merely flinging all the mud he can find at me in the hope that some of it will stick.

    When asked on whom I have informed, the answer comes there none.  David Jones has himself been informing on me to the Reds too while he was hanging around them in a forlorn state after our association broke up.

    As for why he is doing so, it seems that he holds me responsible for everything that has gone wrong in his life, including his decision to approach me in the first place, as well as his decision to

    1. unfriend me on Facebook
    2. afterwards beg me to "sort things out" with him, or else
    3. repeatedly threaten to commit suicide over one weekend unless I did as he asked
    4. utterly disgrace himself on Facebook again and again and again

    Thursday, 18 April 2013

    Lefty Professor of Philosophy refuses to discuss ethics or wisdom after saying he finds Conservatism "morally offensive"

    Such high standards of debate in a Russell Group University!

    How all UK newspapers can extract money from UK consumers of news

    Instead of having your own individual paywall, impose a collective fee on the reader that you will apportion amongst yourselves minus administrative fees etc.

    Out of this fee you can apportion payment to yourselves based on the clicks you get.  

    Is that fair enough?

    Tuesday, 16 April 2013

    My message to Carol Ann Duffy's agent Peter Straus urging the Poet Lauarete to do the Thatcher funeral justice even though she is a Scottie and must hate her

    "Please would you pass on to the Poet Laureate the message that she should not let her political views get in the way of doing the Thatcher funeral justice.   Perhaps it is on an occasion like this that it will be found by the nation that her lightweight style might not be quite the thing for being a Poet Laureate.

    I really do hope that her effort will not be inappropriately fey, slight, light-hearted, girly and lefty.   An attempt will be made on my part that will be the opposite of this.

    What would be quite unacceptable and an affront to the monarch and the nation would be anything resembling what follows:

    I followed you in,
    under the sighing, restless trees and my
    whole life vanished.
    The moon tossed down its shimmering
    cloth. We undressed,
    then dressed again in the gowns of the
    moon. We knelt in the leaves,
    kissed, kissed; new words rustled
    nearby and we swooned.


    A breakdance to amuse your mates,
    give them a laugh,
    a rock’n’roll mime, Elvis time,
    pretending the rifle’s
    just a guitar?
    Worse by far.


    We are Mo Farah lifting the 10,000
    metres gold.
    We want new running-tracks in his
    For Jessica Ennis, the same; for the
    Brownlee brothers,
    Rutherford, Ohuruogu, Whitlock,
    for every medal earned,
    we want school playing-fields returned.

    Something in the manner of Tennyson would be just the thing.   If that is too much for her can she do something in iambic pentameters?  Something stately, solemn and profound, with a hint of a portent would do very nicely."

    Any lesbianic overtones would just be the icing on the cake.

    Readers are very welcome to submit their own Thatcher Funeral poems, with or without lesbianic overtones.

    Here is mine, with no lesbianic overtones:

    The world stood still, for an hour or two,
    to stand and stare,
    at the funeral procession of a little old lady.
    The bells of Big Ben went quiet for her, and
    There was talk of silencing the Munchkins' song. 

    The Chief Rabbi compared her to the prophet Moses,*
    who inflicted condign punishment and took no prisoners.
    "The Iron Lady" was played by Merryl Streep, the greatest living
    Hollywood actress of our times:
    A funeral to die for, then, was hers.

    The current Prime Minister has a harder job,
    with everything at sixes, sevens, fudged and mudged,
    The interviewer interviewing ventured to suggest.
    He asked if it was easier for Maggie T.

    It must have been since she understood principle -
    the principle of speaking what you believe to be the truth,
    not shrinking from calling a spade a spade
    and doing the things you said you would,
    because we must do the things we should,
    and avoid ever beating about the bush.

    A gathering there was of the great and good,
    not only of Britain but of the world,
    Of long-lived mediocre politicians being there,
    In St Paul's Cathedral, that wedding cake.

    The Chancellor wiped away a tear,
    The Bishop of London described at length
    the civic virtue she once embodied,
    all too easily eroded, he also warned. 

    Her grand-daughter read to us Ephesian warnings
    against spiritual wickedness in high places,
    at this ceremonial funeral with military honours,
    previously reserved only for male war heroes:
    Nelson, Wellington, Churchill, and now Lady Thatcher:
    a funeral to die for, then, was hers.

    We start from the end, the Bishop said,
    and the end is also the beginning, he also said.
    We reckon the final total reached at death,
    The double entry book-keeping of vice and virtue.

    The woman who methodically practised what she believed,
    Who practised the virtues her father taught,
    proceeds now into another dimension -
    in a majestic solemn processive gait
    assured of her place in the history books.


    Monday, 15 April 2013

    Roger Scruton cannot bring himself to read the Koran with an open mind

    On the Qur'an 'A lot of the Qur'an is, frankly, cantankerous, vitriolic, man-hating stuff.'

    One has to wonder if Roger Scruton has ever read the Koran, and whether the reason for his failure is to do so is anything to do with his vitriolic hatred of Muslims from the standpoint of his chauvinism as a Christian Englishmen. suggests that he is quite unaware of the Koran's ambivalent attitude towards wine.  He also seems to be suggesting that he would like to blaspheme against the God of the Koran by spilling his wine all over it.

    Clearly, Scruton is yet another educated man incapable of picking up the book and reading it with an open mind.

    If so, then he clearly does deserve the persecution he has received at the hands of the Reds and the Commie P:inkos who are now everywhere.

    Scruton should realise that Christianity is clearly a failing and defective faith, and the proof is in the pudding that we are all eating now.

    Perhaps the questions I asked of one his detractors, Theo Hobson, who does not apparently even recognise Scruton as a fellow Christian, will be of interest to him.  It would be interesting to compare their answers.

    1. What is the difference between Modern Christianity and Traditional Christianity? The former seems to be all about going to heaven without observing any of its moral precepts.
    2. If Christianity is social conservatism and liberalism the antithesis of social conservatism, then surely Liberal Christianity is an oxymoronic nonsense that is all about having your cake and eating it?
    3. Has the Church of England always been a creature of the state? When the state upheld social conservatism, the Church of England upheld social conservatism. Now that the extremist liberal feminist state has seen fit to promote gay marriage and female bishops this will be what it will do too, without even pausing to consider if gay marriage or female bishops is what the Bible prescribes.
    4. The Church of England is now infested with liberals, feminists, homosexuals, selfish ambitious women, Commie Pinkos and men with third rate minds who regard the Church as no more than a source from which to derive an income while subverting the morality of Biblical teachings.
      If you do not agree with this statement, why not?

    Being honest about the purpose of social conservatism

    Will the theologian Theo Hobson display and answer my questions on Liberal Christianity on his blog?

    1. What is the difference between Modern Christianity and Traditional Christianity? The former seems to be all about going to heaven without observing any of its moral precepts.
    2. If Christianity is social conservatism and liberalism the antithesis of social conservatism, then surely Liberal Christianity is an oxymoronic nonsense that is all about having your cake and eating it?
    3. Has the Church of England always been a creature of the state? When the state upheld social conservatism, the Church of England upheld social conservatism. Now that the extremist liberal feminist state has seen fit to promote gay marriage and female bishops this will be what it will do too, without even pausing to consider if gay marriage or female bishops is what the Bible prescribes.
    4. The Church of England is now infested with liberals, feminists, homosexuals, selfish ambitious women, Commie Pinkos and men with third rate minds who regard the Church as no more than a source from which to derive an income while subverting the morality of Biblical teachings.
      If you do not agree with this statement, why not?