Monday, 8 April 2013

30 questions for David Cameron


  1. Ask him to sit the test I have set at
  2. Ask him what the principles of the Conservative Party are.
  3. Ask him why the Conservative Party is the only party in the land with no official statement of principles.
  4. Ask him if he thinks this omission was intentional, reckless or negligent.
  5. Ask him if he intends to do anything to remedy this omission.
  6. Ask him if he thinks it is right that Conservative Party principles are whatever he says they are.
  7. Ask him if UKIP would even exist if the Conservative Party was actually supporting Conservative principles.  
  8. Ask him how many Conservative MPs who are recognisably Conservative agree with him that Conservative principles support gay marriage.   
  9. Ask him if Conservative principles as he understands them support the institution of marriage ie marriage between those who are capable of sexual reproduction with each other, or, if not capable of sexual reproduction, are a heterosexual couple.
  10. Ask him what he has done since coming to office to support the institution of marriage which is the means through which any advanced society maintains social cohesion and social stability.
  11. Ask him if he is afraid of supporting marriage, and why.
  12. Ask him if he really thinks supporting gay marriage is the same as supporting marriage.
  13. Ask him how many out-of-touch female and gay advisers he has at Downing Street urging him to support gay marriage.
  14. Ask him if he is being so pussywhipped by his wife who is well-known to support gay marriage that he is doing it just to please this unelected woman.
  15. Ask him if he thinks it is right that his unelected wife should be the means through which gay marriage is legalised in this country.
  16. Ask  him to prove, apart from his membership of the Conservative Party, that he talks the talk and walks the walk of a Conservative.
  17. Ask him if he thinks Liberalism is Conservatism.
  18. Ask him if he thinks it is his role to conserve and promote Liberalism.   
  19. Ask him what is so good about Liberalism.
  20. Ask him if feminism has been harmful to the long term national interest.
  21. Ask him what he thinks about no-fault divorce.
  22. Ask him if he thinks feminism has caused immigration.
  23. Ask him if he thinks feminism has caused female promiscuity, which has in turn caused widespread illegitimacy and national degeneracy.
  24. Ask him if he is afraid of the women who run Woman's Hour and Mumsnet.
  25. Ask him whether the reason he is so afraid of them is because so many bad mothers and promiscuous women now have the vote.
  26. Ask him if he will ever do anything to support the institution of marriage.
  27. Ask him if he knows that to support marriage he would have to privilege married parents at the expense of unmarried ones.
  28. Ask him if he is prepared to go in order to better serve the long term national interest since he is now so utterly discredited in the eyes of the public and despised by his own party and is also an international laughing stock for supporting gay marriage at the behest of his unelected wife.
  29. Ask him what he thinks of John Baron MP as his replacement.
  30. Ask him if he thinks Magna Carta died in vain. 

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Anonymous said...

So obviously there has been one big news story today that is actually not very distant at all from the subject of this post, but we won't discuss that.

What are promiscuous women? Do all men secretly or not so secretly like sluts?

Let's face it, sex is very important. Life itself depends on it, because sex is how life is created.

Most men if they are single, are going to be getting most of their orgasms from masturbation. Sure they might find the odd slut now and again, but most of the time they have no woman to have sex with.