Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Crown Prosecution Service decide not to prosecute Claire Khaw

Today I received a letter from the police dated 28 March informing me that "the Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to proceed with the case because they do not feel that it meets the high threshold for a court appearance. The case is still subject to further review if they feel it is necessary, but the Police investigation is now complete, so you no longer need to answer bail on 5 April 2013."

I have been warned that "any further contact, whether it be directly or indirectly, towards Jessica Thom or her organisation may constitute harassment".

On 24/1/2013 you were bailed to appear at Peckham Police Station on 5/4/2013 at 4.30pm in relation to the alleged offence(s) of 

using threatening/abusive/insulting words/behaviour to cause harassment/alarm/distress

sending communication/article of an indecent/offensive nature

sending by public communication network an offensive/indecent /obscene/menacing message/matter

You are no longer required to surrender to bail at the time and date shown.

The reason for cancelling your bail is insufficient evidence.


Eric Blair said...

I see the Thought Police have decided that pursuing you for hate criming the odious Jessica Thom is not a goer. Never mind, I'm sure you'd have enjoyed your day in court in which she could have been questioned as to just how much secondary gain she gets out of every social interaction she has in everyday life, thanks to her condition. I haven't met a single schizophrenic, bipolar, epileptic or personality disorder case who hasn't exaggerated their condition to gain privilege and understanding, or who hasn't used it as a general-purpose excuse to be worn as a protective cloak. Epileptics roll their eyes, bipolars bounce around or suddenly look very depressed if there's the slightest hint they might have to consider functioning, and I'm quite sure JT likewise fs and bs her way around the world in a permanent orgy of self-indulgence and attention seeking - because they all do it. Tourette's isn't a condition, it's a rewarding way of life.

Dave Mann said...

Does posting an opinion about a person constitute direct contact? Is Jessica considered a public person (a la Mick Jagger)? Does the status as a public person matter? The only reason I would wish for Claire Khaw not to pursue answers to these questions is that I would prefer to see her maintain focus on Islam and the British Right. But of course she is the best judge of these things.

Claire Khaw said...

Direct contact would be direct contact. It would be a bit draconian to forbid me from mentioning her at all! I have said all I want to say about Jessica Thom anyway.