Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa: a man I would *consider* fucking on a first date compared to a man who is too cowardly to state his views and does not deserve to pass on his genes

He is the man who wrote:

True, while these are all statements of the bleeding obvious, it is only Kanazawa who has had the courage of stating the obvious, unlike the lily-livered white men all around him, pretending not to get what he is saying, for example,

If most white men become like Chiropterarex then most white women will want to look elsewhere for more viable and attractive specimens of manhood, and the white race will die off.   

A man who is too afraid to state his political views in a country that is supposedly a liberal democracy that supports free speech is simply contemptible.  Thee really is no other word for it.  The trouble is that most white men these days are not only feminised, they are also infantilised.   So, apart from the occasional whimper and bleat from them in the hope of having their nappies changed, we cannot expect much from them.  

Here are some of questions he has answered:

Q   Based om is it your view that Ms Crampton is a Holocaust Denier?‎ 

A.  I haven't read the original text, only a few excerpts and rewordings. So I am not in a position to voice a proper opinion.
From that article if suggests she didn't actually deny the holocaust but was apparently saying that the Jews were in some way complicit. If that is indeed what she said then it is just as bad.
But as I say, I haven't read the original text and don't feel a need to. 

Q.  Would you say that the Western male is so pussy-whipped he doesn't know how pussy-whipped he is and is in denial about what a pussy he has become?‎ 

A.   No. I'd never say that, it is as offensive as it is ridiculous.
I am no less male because I think men and women deserve equal respect. I am no less make because I raised two children without a female partner.
I almost deleted this foolish question. 

Q.   Are you really not able to cut and paste a sentence or sentences found in the Foreword that you believe to be a principle of the Conservative Party at without getting yourself into trouble?‎

A.   I have said I am not answering anything that gives my opinion directly on party politics. I have explained the basic reason why not. End of topic. 

Q.  Ann Marie Crampton did not deny the Holocaust. Should Ann Marie Crampton have been suspended as a local election candidate by UKIP?‎  

A.  Sorry, answered this question on your one about religion die to lack of attention.
I am not answering that one, meant to delete it. I have no wish to talk about religion further than my opinion that people should need gee to follow their own religion. People should accept that others may have different religions and tolerate this. 

Q.  What is the purpose of religion?‎  

A.   I have no idea if she did or did not make the comments attributed to her. It isn't for me to say whether the decision was correct.
Obviously the evidence can be looked in to and if she did nor make or use the profile she has recourse to legal action. It is possible UKIP have made a hasty ill informed decision or not.
As far as I am concerned it is up to UKIP if they wage to back a candidate. It is up to the electorate whether they vote for her. It is up to her if she seeks to clear her name. 

Q.  It has been claimed by the Conservative Party that the principles of the Conservative Party are contained in the Foreword of Can you identify anything resembling a principle, let alone a Conservative principle? 

A.  As a serving Civil Servant I can't answer questions about political parties, politicians, government policy etc. It different mean I don't have opinions, I just can't discuss them on the internet. 

Q.  Are you really saying that discussing feminsim and marriage in the way we have is in any way controversial?‎  

A.   No, I was only reffering to talking about politicians or party politics.
I am able to discuss political ideals, concepts, etc. So my answers to you about divorce, feminism. Etc. Are fine.

Q.  Is there a rule against civil servants discussing politics online?‎  

A.   There are, it is linked to public and private activities. During a Genral election most of is can't publicly back anyone. So we shouldn't tweet, update facebook, etc. We can of course discuss it in private with friends & family.
We shouldn't discuss Govt policy at any time.
There are grey areas, where sensible caution is required.
I prefer to be more cautious than absolutely necessary. It isn't as though my opinion can't be given, more that I need to consider what top say. I think anyone that had paid attention to what I discuss would be able to gauge my opinions. 

Q.  Would you like to see me use my methods of interrogation on elected politicians?‎

A.   Might be amusing with sound.  Politicians avoid straight answers as you know. I think your style of questioning would get a lot of bluster.
I can't comment further on political questions as this account is linked to my real name and I am a serving civil servant. 

Q.  Do you think feminism has "gone too far"?‎  

A.   I think people often misconceive what feminism is about. Feminism is seeking equality, not superiority.
Feminists can't be stereotyped as they come in every walk of life and have different opinions on such things as positive discrimination to draw an example. 

Q.  "Moral and rational women do not and should not mind accepting limits on their behaviour." Do you agree?‎  

A.  No.
Everyone should, in my opinion behave in a manner that is as respectful to others add possible. Why would I think it applied by gender? 

Q.   "In order for men to control women, they too will have to control themselves." Do you agree?‎ 

A.  I don't feel the need to "control" women, so the question falls. 

Q.   "The purpose of social conservatism is to control women." 

A.  I don't agree with any form of stereotyping be it by gender, sexually, ethnicity, religion, etc. Stereotyping is something that can't always be avoided, three key is to recognise any stereotypes one has drawn and then not act on them.
Obviously I agree others not only stereotype and act on them but also actively seek out such behaviour. 13 days ago

Q.  "Marriage is an institution." Do you know what this means?‎  

A.  Yes. Basically put it is the public declaration of unit between two people. Out is to show others that the could are united in their journey through life. That they will strive together and support each other.
I entered into mine with the understanding that such a thing is for life things changed and I found myself alone with two children to raise. Though their mother stayed involved in their lives.
I don't know where you are going with this.

I have written to Dr Kanazawa in the following terms:

Claire Khaw
How to promote your book and get more publicity for your ideas

  1. Be publicly associated with me.
  2.  Join and ask me questions at
  3.  Tweet me at
  4. Agree with me that the white man is pussy-whipped and the white woman has the whip hand and that, because of this, Western man has become increasingly degenerate, effeminate, irrational and immoral.
  5. Repeat what you said when you said:  "The best thing to do is to kill all the feminists and hippies and liberals.  Destroy political correctness completely once and for all.  Teach boys and girls that they are different, not the same, and that it’s okay (nay, wonderful) to be different.  One is not right and the other is not wrong.  Stop telling girls that they are inferior versions of boys, as feminists have done for the last half century, or, as has more recently been the case, stop telling boys that they are inferior versions of girls."  You may wish to substitute "kill all" for "expose as unviable, irrational and immoral the ideology of" the feminists, hippies and liberals.
  6. In return, I will consider having sex with you on the first date, as promised at
  7. I will also attend accompany book signings of yours so that you can attract even more publicity.  If there are riots and criminal damage inside and outside bookshops, all the better.       

You will probably think I am some sort of groupie, but I don't care.
Claire Khaw

I should have asked him (but forgot) whether he has heard of Martin Sewell and Simon Sheppard who have been similarly victimised by the matriarchy.


Anonymous said...

I like Satoshi Kanazawa (or rather what he has written) and I like Simon Sheppard (or rather what he has written, at least some of it).

Kanazawa's remarks about race and gender managed to piss off Paul Gilroy, husband of Vron Ware:

That article claims she's Jewish. I'm not sure whether that's true or not but it scarcely matters. Pissing off these demented leftists is impressive.

If you were to ask Simon Sheppard, white men are racist and white women are anti-racist. It doesn't seem to be that simple in real life though because I've met racist white women and anti-racist white men.

Anonymous said...

It's possible to view anti-racism as reckless altruism and racism as rational egoism. Certainly, that's how I would view it most of the time.

If racism is rational egoism then why the witch-hunt against it?

Is it because racists appear needy and sexless, whereas anti-racists appear confident and sexed-up?

John Derbyshire wrote in one of his recent columns that "anti-racism is a mating display".

Claire Khaw said...

It depends on how feminised the white man has become, I suppose. If you went to any nationalist meeting you will find more men than women.

Vabadus said...

Sheppard is merely saying that anti-racism is a feminine quality and racism a masculine one, not that all women espouse the former and men the latter.

Anonymous said...

Even at meetings of the fake nationalism of the likes of the SNP and Plaid Cymru?

Or just the National Front etc?

I dunno, I picked up a condom in a gay nightclub once where they were being given away for free. I ended up using it to fuck a young woman though.

Has heterosexuality been homosexualized?

Are young, single, white women living a gay man's lifestyle?

Some bloggers, like Whiskey, seem to think so.


Is it an issue of class more than gender?

Are the types who say "twenty quid, where am I gonna find that" more likely to be racist than those who eat out at fancy restaurants and drink expensive wine?

Is a scruffy, uneducated white woman who complains about 'Pakis' more masculinized than a feminized middle class white man who chats away with his friends, looking all nice, about politically correct subjects?