Monday, 29 April 2013

How UKIP should deal with media "exposés" of any ex-BNP members who are now UKIP council candidates

"Let the media and rival political parties be informed that, for the purposes of the local elections on 2 May 2013, no UKIP council candidate discovered to have been an ex-BNP member need worry about expulsion or suspension.   It has been acknowledged that this draconian and over-restrictive rule prevents us from getting the support we would otherwise enjoy and gives us the impression of being a bunch of prissy middle-class cowards and effeminate elderly out of touch snobs.

As long as UKIP council candidates do not say anything that is criminal, or morally and intellectually indefensible, they will neither be suspended nor expelled.

The media can do their utmost to wrong-foot and embarrass UKIP, but we will not be jumping out of skins and begging for liberal forgiveness as we used as soon as they shouted "racist", "sexist", "antisemitic" or "homophobic" at us.  

Instead, we will ask them exactly what they mean by those terms and ask if there is anything our candidates might have said that is actually illegal.  The business of politics means that anything one says will be found to be offensive by someone  holding an opposing view.  To prosecute or persecute anyone merely on the grounds that they have caused offence in the easily-offended is to undermine the very principle of free speech that is fundamental to all our liberties.

UKIP will not waver from this principle and have appointed its Media Spokesperson, Claire Khaw, to deal with any manufactured scandals the media and our political rivals may uncover in their attempts to discredit us.  

It is UKIP's purpose to challenge the conventional orthodoxy that has resulted in the obscenity of a Conservative Prime Minister proposing to legalise gay marriage.  We will not be intimidated by the liberal smears of the Conservative Party, who stand for nothing except the cod-Conservative policies of a leader of mediocre intellect sadly out of touch with public opinion."

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