Thursday, 4 April 2013

What is the point of punishing the Philpotts for killing their own kids?

Frankly, I can't see any point in punishing them any further.   It is highly unlikely that their children would have grown up to be productive adults, after all.  The boys would be like their welfare-scrounging father and their daughters like their welfare-scrounging mother producing welfare-scrounging grandchildren.

If taxpayers were being brutally honest, they would have to regard it was a blessing in disguise, for taxpayers would be relieved of the burden of supporting six of the Philpott children, and any offspring that they in turn would produce when they become sexually active.

It is arguably more of a punishment if the Philpotts were made to know that the taxpayer and the state is glad that they killed their own children because they would be end up just like their parents anyway.

The house they lived in was council property and arson is a very serious crime indeed, so there is no need for anyone to fret about them getting away completely unpunished.

I thought A N Wilson was absolutely superb on

Perhaps one day I too shall have my column in the Daily Mail.

However, I would like Guardian readers to know that if the Guardian were minded to pay me as a columnist, albeit less than the Mail, I might consider making that sacrifice in income, just for the pleasure of annoying Guardian readers with my views.   It is after all Guardian readers who are most in need of the benefit of my ability to give them a short sharp shock out of liberal utopia into reality, for my writing has once been described by one of their number as resembling the experience of  being lashed by a wet towel, twisted. 

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