Friday, 12 April 2013

Libertarianism: Why Does It Fail To Convince?

Let us see if who has already blocked me on Twitter, will engage with me on the subject of feminism being the mortal enemy of libertarianism and whther deigns to display my comment on her blog.

She describes herself as "UCL, Phil & Econ, Libertarian Society President. Classical feminist. Passionate vegetarian and animal rights nut".

It sounds like a crazy miscellany of ideas but perhaps we will be given the opportunity to examine her beliefs.

Libertarians do not realise that their mortal enemy is feminism and have not the stomach to fight it. Only I do.

Only a theocracy would return us to smaller more rational government now. Paradoxical and counter-intuitive, but true.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Claire.

I saw you accepted my two comments recently on two different recent blog posts but you never responded to them?

There are probably many obscure feminist and leftist writers out there whose work we've never heard of, but you want to know the name of another feminist extremist leftist Marxist anti-racist that I can't stand?

No, it's not Jane Clare Jones... it's not Vron Ware...'s Mhairi McAlpine. Look her work up on the internet.

I know you do a good job of confronting these kinds of people head-on, and unlike me you have the advantage of being a non-white woman.