Monday, 15 April 2013

"LSE behaviour like the beaver on its crest, biting off their own genitals in stress"

" ... the LSE students' union general secretary, Ms Peters-Day - who was not on the trip - told the BBC News channel: "One of the students made it absolutely clear that she was not made aware of what happened."

It would be a female student, wouldn't it?

I take this to mean that they are hoping for financial compensation for the apprehension of what might have happened, even though they all got back safely without incident.  

If they had been incarcerated, it would have added greatly to their political education.  Then they would have returned to sell their story to the newspapers and made good their brief loss of liberty and enhanced their education.

I really do not see what the problem was.  Perhaps it is just symptomatic of our Culture of Complaint and Entitlement.

Does the LSE have a course on this, I wonder, or would it be too politically incorrect for them?

Instead, they have LSE 100 - a course in leftist indoctrination.

We all know what a leftist indoctrinated bunch they are, really, don't we?

Will they get a job after they graduate, or will the female graduates become single mothers who are a burden on the state?   If so, it may be better that they do not return at all.  

I am suddenly reminded of this verse in the Koran requiring a loan agreement to be witnessed by two women but only one man, because women can be a bit forgetful or can get things wrong due to being easily swayed by their emotions.  Perhaps there was and remains a good reason for this.  

O you who believe! If you contract a loan for a stated term then write it down, and let a scribe faithfully write it down between you. A scribe should not refuse to write as Allah taught him, but let him write, and let he who owes the debt dictate; but let him fear Allah his Lord and not diminish anything of it. But if the debtor was a fool, weak, or cannot dictate himself, then let his agent faithfully dictate. And call to witness two witnesses from amongst your men, but if they were not two men then a man and two women, from those whom you deem fit as witnesses, so that if one of the two [women] should err, the second may remind the other. Let not the witnesses refuse when they are summoned. Do not tire of writing it, be it small or great, with its term. That is more just in the sight of God, more upright for testimony, and best for avoiding doubt, unless it is a ready-money transaction between you, which you arrange between yourselves, then it is no offence by you that you do not write it down. Have witnesses when you sell one to another, and let not either scribe or witness come to harm, for if you do it will be an abomination in you. Fear Allah, for Allah teaches you, and Allah knows all things. (2.282)

If the reputation of the LSE was damaged it would have been because of its unseemly and doomed attempt to stop the BBC from broadcasting what everyone now wants to watch.  It was a spectacular own goal and demonstrates the ineptitude of LSE politicking, does it not?  The LSE should blame itself then, instead of the BBC.

All it can do is boring academic jargon about political theories that no one actually engaged in practical politics ever cares about.

What are politics students for, anyway?  Can anyone think of a purpose for them?  Would you give a job to a politics graduate?

I still remember attending that bemusingly other worldly talk intended to plug the Oxford Handbook of the History of Nationalism with a few of my nationalist associates.

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