Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Please help me save a life and a sex organ
A staggering 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide.  

Should we be trying to stop @B1uEYE from mutilating his genitalia and then feeling suicidal about that?

Please join to help save his life.

He is not trained for any occupation and wants to do gender studies after his transition.  He is not going to get a job, is he, in the hard times ahead?

He will end up working in porn and becoming a prostitute.

I have already told him why men despise men who are born men yet give that up because they are not up to facing life as a man, which is harder than the life of a woman, only to become a prostitute.

They become prostitutes because they won't get a decent job and the usual jobs for women in cleaning and childcare will be closed to them.

Also, men who want a female prostitute and find themselves with a man disguised as a female prostitute get very angry indeed and tend to commit violent assault.

Please help me save his sex organ and his life.  

He can be found at and
Sex changes are not effective, say researchers

Even The Guardian says it doesn't work!

And even Julie Bindel, who writes for the Guardian, says don't do it.  She says they won't be taken seriously if they get raped and won't even have access to public toilets.

Not being able to use a public toilet when you are dying for poo or a wee would make anyone suicidal, I would have thought.

Bindel was trying to do them a favour by warning them against this, but got slagged off for being transphobic for her trouble instead.

Being transphobic seems to mean "incurring the hatred of transsexuals" rather than really hating transgender people, which is crazy and unfair.  I don't think hating anyone should be a crime, as long as you don't do anything to them that is against the law.  Julie Bindel means well, I am sure, and even if she and I don't see eye to eye with each other on feminism, I can see that she meant well really.

Feminism is nothing to do with giving men equal rights anyway.  It is all about getting women more rights at the expense of men and society.  Feminists consider transsexuals as "other" in just the same way that they consider men as other and the enemy, and certainly lower than men.

Please help me stop him from - I am sorry to be crude about this - cutting his dick off, depriving himself of offspring, and becoming a prostitute or porn actor with a degree in gender studies.  I know I would feel suicidal in his place if I ended up like that.

I really don't think this sort of thing should be available on the NHS at all.

I hope no one is going to accuse me of hating transgender people.  What I feel is concern and compassion for men who feel they doing this to themselves would make them feel happier, when statistics almost conclusively show that quite the opposite is the case.  It is actually wicked not to discourage them, in my opinion.

It is a great shame that he has disabled his account.  I managed to reveal a lot about his motivations through my forensic questioning, and that is now all lost.

The important facts I remember are that he dropped out of school and hopes to do a degree in gender studies post-op.   He is so paranoid that he accused Cath Eliot of plotting against him because she invited some people to her home one evening.

He unfriends his friends who associate with people whose views he dislikes.

Not good mental health, I would say.

Anyway, read his blog.  It is all an exercise in obtaining victim status through this new feminist concept called intersectionality, in my opinion.

Intersectionality is about the measurement and comparison of victim status as well as the acquisition of it, as those who have done Gender Studies will know.  I have no idea why the government funds these courses at taxpayers' expense.

Below are tweets by people who hate me, wish me harm and want to censor me while claiming I hate transgender people.  I don't hate them.  I already know they lead terrible lives and have mental health issues, and that is why it is so wicked to encourage them to think a sex change will make them feel better about themselves.  They probably want to have lots of sex but know they can't have lots of sex as men, only as women. Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it, because it is true that a woman can get lots of sex as long as she is prepared to lower her standards, as Dr Kanazawa will confirm.

... every woman has the power to predict the future, while very few men do.  If a man wakes up in the morning and says to himself, “Tonight I will get laid,” the prediction will fail a vast majority of the times, unless he’s incredibly handsome.  (Most young men in fact do make this prediction every morning and go to bed alone and disappointed every night.)  If a woman -- any woman -- wakes up in the morning and says to herself, “Tonight I will get laid,” the prediction will always come true every time.  Such is the power of female choice.

John Kemp:

"If a man is tired of his penis, he is tired of life."


Anonymous said...

Kanazawa's ideas about sex and female choice are interesting, and they are actually similar to those of Glenn Wilson and Simon Sheppard.

That being said, I do not agree 100% with everything that is said there. Nothing would ever get done in a society with unlimited access to sex for every man? Well, not sure about that.

Also, sex takes work on the part of men too you know. Sometimes we do not fancy stinking fanny juice all over our bedsheets, or the feel of shaved pubic hair with the texture of sandpaper.

The feminist ideas of intersectionality and kyriarchy are just part of the larger Marxist tradition with its grounding in critical theory, and its obsession with hegemony, oppression, superstructure, discrimination and all the rest of that stuff. It's just a load of crap invented by out of touch lefty academics who hate and despise white men, bourgeois society and the Western world in general.

Anonymous said...

It seems that private sector workers tend to be a lot less obsessed with political correctness and neologisms used in academia than public sector workers are.

Most of the original creators of critical theory were Jews. Now, most of the people who follow such ideologies are non-Jewish white leftists, because many Jews have drifted towards neoconservatism and Zionism. So these white leftists have become more like Jews than Jews themselves.

Similarly, many transsexuals say on porn sites how much they love having sex with black men and their massive penises. These transsexuals have become more like women than women themselves.

Kris said...

Nice article, and very reasonable. Certainly not as emotional and/or vitriolic as what I would have expected.