Friday, 5 April 2013

Why Breivik and Western politicians are pro-Israel even though they dislike Jews

How disgusting that a philosopher who wishes to declare Breivik sane has to resort to this kind of impenetrable prose.

Zizek is a fraud anyway, though a clever and comedic one who has mastered the impenetrable prose Western philosophers like to inflict on the world.  He is really a right-wing philosopher pretending to be a left-wing philosopher because to call himself a right-wing philosopher would involve a certain sacrifice in status and income.

Why did Zizek go on and on and on about the Jews anyway?

It is clear to me that Breivik was pro-Israel because he hated Muslims and wanted Jews to continue kicking the shit out of Muslims whom he hated and feared and didn't want in his country.

Isn't that how the white atheist EDL member thinks anyway?

Israel represents the power of the West for it is a colonial outpost of the West surrounded by hostile Arab nations as an affront to Arab nationalism.

Israel represents to the West its former power when it was able to do this sort of thing  at will to subject peoples, when it was able to indulge in exercises of gunboat diplomacy.

It is not out of love for the Jew that the European gentile wishes to preserve Israel, but out of a nostalgia for a golden age of the White Man when he could invade and annex the lands of subject peoples at will.

The modern European gentile is not even Christian or religious, and wouldn't dream of ever visiting the Holy Land. He clings to Israel because he regards it as a family heirloom reminding him of the glory days of his ancestors, whose wealth and knowledge he knows he has already frittered away through his decades-long orgiastic self-indulgence of wine, women and song.  Israel is yet another Sacred Cow of the European male together with Feminism, Free Love and the dysgenic Welfare State.

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