Friday, 12 April 2013

The Yorker to feature Claire Khaw as Agony Aunt?

The Yorker Aspires To

The aims and objectives of The Yorker Ltd are to exhibit high quality and original talent from York students and alumni, provide broad-appeal reviews and commentaries on issues that students may find interesting, and communicate matters of relevance to students in an impartial, accurate and non-sensationalised manner, whilst developing all members of The Yorker Ltd and building a strong community in a safe way.
Alongside focussing on removing bias and improving quality, The Yorker Ltd also seeks to continually advance and establish its innovation, interaction and independence.

I think what I have to say would be of great interest to the Politics and Philosophy students, at least.

My topics are:

  1. Feminism and why it is a threat to our liberties
  2. Is Feminism not only mad and silly, but actually evil?
  3. Fascism - where does it say it is racist or antisemitic?
  4. Philosophy - is academic philosophy a waste of three years of your life learning how to talk incomprehensibly and make everyone hate you?
  5. Politics - does studying politics at a UK university mean you are just signing up for three years of Left Liberal indoctrination that will turn you into a Commie Pinko Homo?
  6. What exactly is so good about being a Commie Pinko Homo Feminist?
  7. Is there such a thing as a "right-wing" sociologist?  If not, why not?
  8. Why shouldn't we have a one-party state if it improves the quality of our politicians and gives us better  government?
  9. Why are the overwhelming number of students Left Liberal?  Is it a sign of state indoctrination or does the indoctrination come from a more sinister source?
  10. Why would anyone ever give a job to a philosophy graduate?
  11. Can the ideas of Simon Sheppard with regard to feminism be disproved?

I see that the University of York does not have a theology department, so I won't attempt to discuss theology, but I could easily.

Have you noticed that the both the editor and deputy of The Yorker are female? Editor Deputy Editor

Is this the reason why its tone is so rabidly Left Liberal and Feminist?

What do the male readers of The Yorker feel about this?

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