Monday, 8 April 2013

What UKIP has to do to replace David Cameron with a Tory leader they can do a deal with

  1. Discuss amongst themselves whether they are getting ideas above themselves by saying they could ever be a party of government before the bottom falls out of the EU
  2. Talk loudly and repeatedly amongst themselves about whom they would like Cameron replaced by.
  3. After a decent interval, arrive upon the name John Baron MP who really is a decent bloke and who will even get a bit of Muslim support because he is most certainly not a warmonger.
  4. Not just take my word for it but find out for themselves whether non-white people ever complain about immigration.
  5. Encourage all Eurosceptics not already in UKIP to join the Conservative Party as soon as possible so they will be in a position to vote for John Baron in the leadership election that will replace Cameron.   
  6. Regularly remind Eurosceptics that they are to join the Conservative Party as soon as possible, or they may not be able to vote in the next leadership election because you can only vote in the leadership election only if you have been a member for at least three months.
  7. Demand that the questions asked at be answered by David Cameron as soon as possible.   
  8. Demand that David Cameron take the test at in examination conditions with an invigilator.  He can take as long as he wants.   It is important that he does not prepare for the exam.
  9. Demand that anyone who wants to be Prime Minister take this test.  
  10. Invite John Baron MP to take this test.   

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