Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why I despise "nationalists" who hate Maggie and the Queen
Andrew Brons calls Maggie "an unmitigated scoundrel". does not mention Maggie at all.  Maggie died on Monday and today is Thursday.

Nick Griffin tweets barely coherently about her.

Republicans are mostly northern and proletarian males as well as lefties without much much imagination eaten up by envy and rancour for anyone with a better accent and more money than they have.

They are mostly men though I suspect there are more northern men than southern men who want to abolish the monarchy and whinge about the cost of Maggie's funeral.

The reason why northern Englishmen hate the monarchy more than southern Englishmen is because they are poorer.

The poor of Britain are eaten up by class hatred and envy.  But should I even call them poor?  They have money enough for their beer and cigarettes, their football and their junk food, their TV and their iPhones.  I thought of calling them working class, but many of them have not worked for generations, and should be called the Claimant Class.  Perhaps it is just easier to call them lower class, for some of them do work, but are low-waged.  Let us call a spade a spade.

It is of course natural for the depraved, uneducated and infantile to hate people who have more than you, and it is how often I come across this in Britain that brings home the fact that Envy is a Deadly Sin, not that you would expect the average Briton, especially if he is working class, to even suppose for a moment that there is anything wrong at all in practising the principle of hating anyone else who has more than you.

That is probably the only principle they will ever understand anyway.

It is women who were thought to be prone to envy, but these days in feminist Britain, most men think and behave like the worst of their women.

These people have no sense of national pride, if all they can do is whinge about Maggie ruining their lives. They are not nationalists in the sense of wanting good things for their country.  As for national pride, this would go with having a sense of occasion and the desire to say words and do things that befit the occasion.

Certainly, when they hate the Queen for not saving them from the EU - yes, even the educated ones feel no shame in expecting a frail elderly lady to save them from the monster that is the EU and the treachery of their own leaders! - they show their utter failure to understand the concept of a constitutional monarchy, which was after all a British idea.

They are angry with her in the same way a spoilt child is angry with nanny for not giving them the sweets and treats they clamoured for and thought they deserved, just for being themselves.

Nationalism, for them, means getting rid of immigrants while being stupid enough to expect that things would stay the same after they have kicked all the non-whites out.

What would happen?  We would be back to the three day week, wildcat strikes and beer and sandwiches in Downing Street.   Other nations would ask ask the British abroad "What has happened to your country?  Why can't you do something about your working classes, and make them work, which is what they are for?"

But nationalists come from the lower strata of society and never discuss politics with foreigners, and don't like going abroad very much.

One would have thought that displaying a sense of national consciousness is to be aware of how other nations perceive you and to have some idea of what they like or dislike about you as a people and a nation.  The rest of the world loves the Queen and loves Maggie even as they despise certain types of lower class British holidaymaker, one longs to inform them.   Being in possession of national pride also means that you would instinctively feel a desire not to disgrace yourself in front of foreigners and feel a desire to put on a good show especially if the entire world is watching you.

However, these "nationalists" have no sense of occasion as they carp and complain about the cost of Maggie's funeral and whinge about the poor and the sick and the dying, who will always be with us.

When you point out to them that it was Jesus who said this, they affect to not know or really do not know what you mean.

So much for being a Christian country then!

They seem unaware that the White South African or Zimbabwean here can barely conceal their contempt for them and regard them as no better than the lazy and rancorous blacks they came here to escape from.

If these nationalists (or should I just call them "white welfare dependent people who cannot compete with foreigners even in the field of unskilled manual labour"?) did feel national pride they would be pleased and flattered that other nations admire Maggie and feel affection for the Queen, but all they do is think of what they might have done with the £8M that is being spent on her funeral.

Spent it all on drink, drugs, sex toys, scratchcards and bingo, probably.

Their agenda is always negative, petty, bilious and ignoble, and none of their leaders have the courage to tell them the few home truths that they so desperately need to hear, for fear of being hated in the same way that Maggie is hated.

That is why they will continue to fail, because the overwhelming number of them are incorrigibly proletarian in a nation of snobs who are not interested in repeating the failure of Wat Tyler's peasant revolt.

They are not even aware that any revolution requires the input of a significant number of professional middle class people, as any reading of the French and Russian Revolutions as well as Hitler's rise to power, would attest.

Nick Griffin is more interested in staying top dog in the BNP and running it as a family firm than in recruiting talent, however, and that is why BNP supporters and activists will continue to be exploited and betrayed.

This country is full of immigrants because the working classes are not fit for purpose, and no leader of any political party dares to tell them this, because they all have the vote.    

The reason why the working classes are not fit for purpose is because of the low morals of their women as well as the poor quality of mothering and education (which is female-dominated), and no leader of any political party dares to tell them so, because they all have the vote.

The greatest failure of Maggie was in not having policies radical enough to make the working classes fit for purpose again.  But no one is perfect, not even Maggie, and we should at least give her the credit of having made the right noises, which was more than what the others dared to do.

While I did not expect nationalists to like what I said about them, I did not expect to be called a Trot for promoting marriage.

I am not saying anything new anyway, since it is already all in Deuteronomy, and it should be noted that the British satisfy all the conditions of being Cursed by God.

Clearly, Man created God in order to protect him from the promiscuous woman.  Future generations, especially those who do not observe the Sabbath or follow the Koran, always seem to forget the reason for this.


“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

Explaining to people why marriage is an institution is a little like explaining to an uneducated dimwit how it was discovered that the earth goes round the sun rather than the other way round.   Even if you have got it exactly right, you will find that your questioner's eyes have closed and his mouth fallen open in sleep by the time you finish your explanation.

And that is why Man created God, who prohibited the extramarital sex that causes the degeneracy of your nation and the decline and fall of your civilisation that will inevitably follow if you do not control the promiscuity of your women.

Otherwise, you will find yourself being obliged to explain to sexually liberated dimwits how and why respect for the institution of marriage is the pivot upon which gender balance rests, and suffer their rage and abuse when they realise that the answer to the question they asked is actually beyond their comprehension.  

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Anonymous said...

They don't like going abroad very much?

I saw stickers for the National Front - in Tenerife!

I take your point though. The far-right in the UK is mostly proletarian, that's for sure.

I hopped into bed recently with one of my female friends, who already has another guy that she has sex with on a regular basis, and she works as a cleaner. She was drunk and was begging for me to put it in her. She didn't even want me to use a condom at first!

Is that a sign of a low-class woman with low quality sexual morals?

Am I bad for letting her sleep with me? Or just typical male?

I'm not sure to what extent her behaviour passes as typical female behaviour these days... could you give me your opinion Claire?

But yeah, it seems these days a lot less people get married. There are a lot more single mothers, and relationships rarely last a long length of time. Divorce rates are high for those who are married. None of this is ideal for bringing up children, who will become the next generation.

So your point about the destruction of traditional family values creating a decline in the quality of the people seems like a reasonable one.

There are some odious cretins, like that Jane Clare Jones, who would disagree though.