Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Why nationalists hate Thatcher has Andrew Brons, formerly of the BNP, calling Maggie "an unmitigated scoundrel".

If there was something Maggie failed to do, it was to make the working classes of Britain fit for purpose again.

She tried, though, by wagging her finger at them from time to time and telling them to stop being moaning minnies and to get on their bikes. At least she knew to make the right noises.  She even talked of people feeling "swamped" by immigration.

Whingeing about Thatcher means you must have lost under Thatcher.

But not all the white working classes lost under Thatcher.

Essex man and Mondeo man and those who got it together to buy their own council homes, because they had the nous to seize opportunities, did rather well for themselves.

So it looks like nationalists are losers and Brons is hoping to persuade people vote for him by identifying with a bunch of losers.

It does not sound like a winning strategy to me.

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