Wednesday, 1 May 2013

An example of liberal impartiality by historian and journalist Guy Walters

I wonder if Walters is aware of his duty to be impartial as an academic, historian and a journalist.   Britain is suffering from advanced matriarchal dementia and this does rather mean that most people who should know better dispense with these inconvenient concepts in their anxiety to be entertaining and popular.

Why would Mosley be writing to that effete lefty Russell anyway?  

Walters does not say, but you might have thought as a historian he might see fit to mention it in passing.

They both opposed the war, so you would have thought Russell might have tried a little harder to see what he and Mosley could do to avoid the war that lost Britain its world empire, one would have thought.

As for the wording of that letter of rejection to Mosley, it could have been written by one's maiden aunt after  being revived by smelling salts once she had gotten over her fit of the vapours.

Russell never stood for much in politics anyway.  He was chiefly known for having tantrums and tearing up his Labour Party membership card.  One can imagine him lifting his skirts up in outrage and flouncing out of the room, again and again and again ...

Forever lifting up his skirts and flouncing out of the room ...  

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