Thursday, 30 May 2013

Save Western civilisation from the dementia of feminism

Another feminist whose hit and run "debating" tactics leave much to be desired.  (She tweeted at me and then blocked me.)

Mind you, she got one thing exactly right, it is indeed my intention to destroy feminism.  This feminist thinks destroying feminism would destroy society, but the intention is to save Western civilisation from the matriarchy.  Thankfully, the penny is now dropping with more and more people.

Everyone who has ever benefited from Western civilisation has a stake in it, regardless of race.  Let us now start a worldwide campaign to save Western civilisation from feminists!   

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Anonymous said...

These loony leftists can believe in whatever bollocks they want. I've got my life to life, so fuck them.

Have you seen this article Claire?

This picture here:

...has more than a passing resemblance to this picture:

The comments on that article are extremely TL;DR.

To what extent is that article true?

It's very hard to say. Judging any observation about society written by an American is going to be inherently difficult for a non-American because our society and culture differs from theirs in some significant ways.