Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Swinton Circle speakers: Lord Viscount of Massarene & Ferrard and Simon Heffer

Tuesday 19th March 2013
Alan Harvey with the Viscount Massarene and Ferrard

Tuesday 19th March 2013
Sarsons vinegar bottles used as paperweights, or should I say "flagweights"?

Tuesday 19th March 2013
“The Decline of Europe and the Western World, and what the future holds” 

Tuesday 19th March 2013
Viscount Massarene's talk consisted of a trot through English history.  If only I had heard it when I was doing  History A level!

23rd April 2013    St.George’s Day
Robin Willow, the minstrel before Simon Heffer talking about Powell.  I asked Heffer which actor he would most like playing the part of Powell if ever the BBC adapted his biography of  Enoch Powell LIKE THE ROMAN.  He said Eric Porter after saying that that was as unlikely as a pig flying to the moon.  I also asked him which Tory MP he would most like to see replace David Cameron and he admitted he didn't know.

Years ago at the 50th Desert Island Discs Party, he nearly entered the room we were in.  I remember him standing at the threshold, with the light behind him, looking alarming like the Messiah.  His eyes swept the room to see a friendly face.   I was a slip of a girl then, and wondered what I would say to him if we were ever introduced to each other.  I don't think he found a friendly face, and it seemed he left the party without speaking to anyone.  I later popped my head out of the room to see if he was still there, but he had gone.

How I remember the group joshing Melvyn Bragg about his TV series A Time To Dance, saying "It wasn't that bad!"

Years later, I met Pam Powell at the memorial service for Lord Harris of High Cross of the IEA.  This was at St John's in Smith Square. I had arrived early and had sat down.  Mrs Powell then arrived with her two friends and Christopher Gill asked if I wouldn't mind moving so they could all sit together.  I was delighted to do this for her.  After the service was over, Pam Powell herself came round and thanked me for giving up my seat, which I certainly did not expect.  It was then that I felt a sudden and profound connection with the late Powell, thinking how much he must have loved her for being such a proper memsahib, for being so charming and for being so gracious. They don't make Englishwomen like her any more.

Eric Porter

23rd April 2013    St.George’s Day
Robin Willow singing in Mandarin

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