Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The enemy within of nationalism - the promiscuous female nationalists fear to offend

Understand your class system. The BNP are considered lower class losers who are expected to put up with this kind of thing because they are lower class losers. It really is as simple as that. Nick Griffin doesn't want any educated middle class professional joining the BNP because he doesn't want any leadership rivals.

The problem is therefore

1. the pariah status of lower class voters who are anti-immigration

2. the fact that the leader of the lower class voters are anti-immigration doesn't want to change its image of being a party of lower class voters who are anti-immigration

UKIP doesn't want anyone who ever joined the party of lower class racist voters to join them.

What nationalists in the prohibited list of parties and organisations that cannot join UKIP could most usefully do is to debunk ethno-nationalism and become civic nationalists, but I can't see that happening because they confuse a political party with a social club and believe that their political activism is the repetition of their desire to repatriate non-white British citizens.

They will insist on their right to say they want to send every non-white home even as they know how unrealistic and deluded it is to ask for that. They are not the brightest bulbs in the box, after all.

They insist on asking for all or nothing even though knowing that asking for all means they will end up getting nothing.

It is just the mulish stupidity that gives them their pariah status ie not only are they racist, they are also STUPID. They are so stupid they have no idea how much they are despised for both their views, their social status and their dress sense.

They never want to discuss anything ideological because they know they will end up fighting each other, and they can be pretty unpleasant to each other, as we all know.

In the meantime, Nick Griffin regards them as a source of income. He is not interested in helping them, only in milking them by feeding their grievances.

If he cared about them, he would drag them kicking and screaming into civic nationalism, but he cannot be bothered with these stupid vicious people, even though the success of Front Nationale has shown quite conclusively that the way forward is civic nationalism.

Is there another rival nationalist party in France? Nope, nothing that need worry Marine Le Pen.

She tellingly said that her party is closer to UKIP than it is to the BNP.

Uneducated people tend not to get the significance of ideology and it is true that most BNP supporters will not understand why it is necessary for nationalists to embrace civic nationalism.

These uneducated and ignorant people see nationalism as asserting the right to say they want to repatriate non-white British citizens, even as they know it does them no good.

Because they are seen as so uneducated, racist, lower class and unpleasant, no one will give them the time of day apart from their leader, who only wants to squeeze money out of them.

Anyone who is leadership material in the BNP would be marginalised and expelled anyway, because Nick Griffin wants to stay top dog whether or not it is in the interests of his cause or not.

If he cared about his cause he would encourage people of talent to join and stay, but he does not. He only cares that he stays leader of the BNP.

Because he does not care about the people who supports the BNP, he sees it as more than his job's worth to tell them why the political establishment despises them and no sane British employer wants to hire a British worker who cannot compete against unskilled manual labour from abroad, probably because they are obese, or disabled or have learning difficulties as well as mental health issues with a few substance abuse, behavioural addictions and drink problems thrown in.

The fact is that the white working class are not fit for purpose.

Does Nick Griffin tell them that? Of course not. He tells them it is all the fault of the Jews and the Muslims.

There is only one person in the land prepared to tell the white indigenous working classes exactly what is wrong with them and why they are so despised, but she was expelled at the behest of an unmarried single mother with illegitimate and disabled offspring.

Single mothers with illegitimate and disabled offspring actually wield a disproportionate amount of power, because there are so many of them and they have the vote.

These women, who are members of the parasitic pornocracy who wield such power over both nationalists and the political establishment, are the result of over half a century of feminism and that other grave and continuing error - indiscriminate universal suffrage.

The reason why there are so many immigrants in this country is because British mothers do not have enough children and do not bring up or educate those that they have properly.

We all know that the teaching profession is female-dominated and have been trying to hide their failure for years.

But is any British man or even leader of a political party prepared to say that?

Of courser not. He is so afraid of them (because they have the vote) that he prefers to blame the symptoms of his malaise than point to its cause - the matriarchy that has established itself on the foundations of feminism, indiscriminate universal suffrage and no-fault divorce.

Any race of men who are known to be afraid of their women will be treated with contempt by other races whose men are not afraid of the worst of their women, the unmarried single mother with illegitimate and disabled offspring.

In fact, these days the white man is generally supposed to be a paedophile and his women considered sluts.

However, so effeminate and degraded is the white man now that he is either unaware of the contempt in which he is held by other races, or affects not to care.

In other races, there remains a visceral disgust for the promiscuous female. It probably comes from a collective memory of how degraded a society becomes when it allows the preferences of these women and their offspring to dominate their society, and is followed by invasion, conquest, exploitation and slavery.

The reason the promiscuous female is instinctively hated and despised is because when there are too many of them, standards of education and morality decline, and men become afraid of women. What can be more humiliating than to have to admit that you are afraid of people who are in most cases stupider, poorer and weaker than you?

Only men without honour and who feel no shame and who have no masculine pride would admit to this.

Yes, it is indeed the case that the enemy is within. It is in your trousers and between your legs and between your ears in the way that the default position of the average British male is that of rational cowardice and his degenerate inability to understand the purpose of abstract concepts such as honour and courage.  

Men fear the wrath of promiscuous women when they are so impoverished that the only kind of sex they can hope for is sex from a slut.

If they want sex from such a woman, he must take care not to offend her by calling a spade a spade and, of course, a slut a slut.

A slut is anyone prepared to have sex with a man not her husband. A worse kind of slut is one who gets knocked up. The worst kind is one who goes on to have her illegitimate offspring at the expense of the taxpayer.

The Catholic Church is no longer prepared to call a slut a slut because it is afraid of the predictable accusations of homosexual and paedophile celibate priests.

The worst kind of man is a man who pretends he can see nothing at all wrong in all this, especially if he calls himself a nationalist.

If you want to know when the rot started, it was when the institution of marriage was no longer respected.

It was no longer respected when no-fault divorce was introduced. When that happened the fact that your marriage certificate has now become a piece of paper not fit to wipe your arse on was only inevitable.

To desecrate marriage further, treat the unmarried mother better than married parents by allowing her to live off the taxpayer.

To desecrate marriage even further, give it to same sex couples as a sex toy to use for when they want to say they love each other, until they no longer do.

In the Land of Compulsory Fornication that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland the Slut Single Mum is Queen and the men drones.

Have you noticed how feminists never ever consider the long term national interest between pauses of "Gimme, gimme, gimme"?

It is an alien concept to them.  It is like asking a serial killer to consider the feelings of the loved ones of his murdered victims.

How can such a nation, based on such immoral and demented principles, ever prosper again?

Man created God to protect him from the promiscuous female.  Now, the effeminate man no longer believes in God.   Even those who acknowledge the usefulness of God do not have the conviction to use Him as an instrument of government, even as he knows that a general belief in God was an essential prop in making  people respect the institutions of marriage.

Marriage is eugenic, illegitimacy dysgenic.

Soon, the white man will be so degenerate that he will no longer be able to grasp these concepts.

Returning to barbarism means behaving like animals, and animals are not known for their ability to grasp and use abstract concepts.

Let the West then be the perfect demonstration of how condoning extramarital sex can end your civilisation.




Anonymous said...

By the way Claire, I found a thread about you here, started by a user on Stormfront who is Glaswegian and a white nationalist:

I also saw that article by Kevin MacDonald about Norway, which in itself is a response to an article on Gates of Vienna. So whilst there are obvious difficulties for white Norwegian males who live in multicultural areas, that doesn't mean the solution is to go and massacre teenagers on an island.


Anyway in response to your post,

What you say about the BNP being lower class losers is probably true. If it's true of the BNP, then it's even more true of the National Front. If you want evidence of that, take a look at these guys:

The hard-core white nationalists will see civic nationalism as betraying their principles. Civic nationalism actually defeats the purpose of nationalism, as far as they are concerned.

So even if feminism, sexual immorality and general degeneracy were to be crushed in a civic nationalist society, it'd still be a multi-racial one. Which is not what white nationalists want.

I agree that far-right politics does attract some people who are of low intelligence. That doesn't mean that everyone who is attracted to it is of low intelligence, but it attracts more than its fair share. Their views are held with contempt by many, and their social status is low.

And poor dress sense? You've got that down to a tee:

But then again, if the way forward is civic nationalism, then that means it's curtains for the white racial group.

You also seem to make the mistake of confusing the white lower classes with all white people in the UK. The white middle classes are not as degenerate, but they do follow stupid left wing beliefs to a far greater extent.

Anyway, this article is so full of contempt for white people, it might as well be the latest essay by Tim Wise for all I care.

And yes, it's clear that marriage doesn't work like it used to, an overall majority of babies are born out of wedlock, and there are a lot of sluts going about. But since I'm a man and can't control myself, I am thinking that it would be good to try and get into bed with some sluts.

There was one girl I slept with quite recently that, so I am told, slept with 3 different guys in 1 week.

We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

The link you post about the correlation between a country having same sex marriage, and high levels of babies being born to unmarried mothers, is also interesting.

In Anders Breivik's manifesto, he said something about how the acceptance of gay marriage is merely an indicator of how cheapened the traditional institution of marriage has become.

I was talking to a woman in her 60s recently that said that during the course of her lifetime, the behaviour of women and young women especially has gotten much, much worse.

They drink far too much, they smoke, they swear, they get tattoos, and they sleep around. They are even prepared to get violent in fights like men sometimes.

Is this the legacy of feminism and gender equality?

Have heterosexuals become 'homosexualised'?

Henry Makow, the conspiracy theorist and anti-feminist, wrote that "All Porn is Gay", because it means heterosexuals are behaving like promiscuous homosexuals. Are we living in a porn culture in the Internet age?

How can marriage possibly work in this day and age when the Internet is full of pornography?

Was there ever a golden age when slutty behaviour was shameful? If there was, it must have been before I was born.

Anonymous said...

And as far as left wing beliefs go, if you are a white heterosexual male, having left-wing views basically makes you a suicidal zombie. You might as well jump off a bridge if you are one of these fruitcakes.

Sure there are some economically left-wing ideas that aren't that bad, but that isn't the sexy part: the sexy part is the social policy, not the economic.

Will you accept my comments Claire and please respond? Thanks.

Claire Khaw said...

Civic nationalism can get you out of the EU and can defeat the matriarchy.

Once feminism is defeated, the white man will be able to protect himself from the worst of his women.

It is not about what you want, it is about what you think it is politic to say to get the most of what you need.

Right now, you need to show that you are not complete losers, and this means you must win a few key battles.

Saying what you want does not get you anywhere. Well brought up children know not to start sentences beginning with "I want ... "

Anonymous said...

Well Claire, I have to commend you. You're doing a good job attacking the feminists and Guardian reader types.

Funny how these lefties usually claim to oppose all forms of tribalism (racism, nationalism, kin-ism i.e. recognising importance of family) yet are blind to see that their dislike of right-wing people is in itself a tribalistic hostility!