Saturday, 11 May 2013

What would you do if you found yourself in the body of a member of the opposite sex?

You suddenly find yourself in the body of a member of the opposite sex of the same age . To change back to your original body, you would have to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery. Would you

(a) make the best of things in the body you have found yourself in?

(b) undergo GRS as soon as possible?

(c) commit suicide

This poll can also be found at

Male to female gender reassignment surgery

Female to male gender reassignment surgery
Stephanie does have a feminine voice.  I must say she convinces me just by her voice and I find her persona quite likable.  She is genuinely feminine.
Stephanie Rose Woodcock

I actually have a brilliant idea for a TV show featuring transsexuals which I know people the world over would just love.  

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Anonymous said...

Strange question to ask.

Provided this is referring to being stuck in the body of a cisgender woman, then I would definitely choose option (a).

I don't much like being myself as it is anyway for being white and male.

Now accept my other comments about the BBC on that other post.