Thursday, 6 June 2013

How Labour and the BNP betrayed the white working classes

The BNP - the only party who explicitly condemns UK foreign policy-  are too full of hatred for Muslims to even say that clearly in their idiotic demo on Saturday.

While they understandably do not wish young working class men to die in stupid wars started by the liberal elite, how effective do you think they have been in making the voter aware that they are the only party in the land who opposed the invasion and bombing of Muslim lands?

If you read the reports of their silly demo last Saturday, would you have realised that they actually opposed invading Iraq and Afghanistan?

Did you know that one of the terrorists used to live on Harold Hill and actually approached the BNP stall there, saying that he knew they were the only  party that opposed UK foreign policy?

I guess he realised that the BNP - consisting mostly of despised lower class racist losers - would never be in a position to influence the balance of power during his lifetime.  Probably, he did not want to be seen as  turkey voting for Christmas, for this is how non-white British citizens who join the BNP are regarded.

What is worse than a turkey who votes for Christmas?

A turkey for who votes for a Christmas that never comes.

The BNP will never amount to anything under its current leadership because Nick Griffin does not care about the white working classes.   He certainly does not care enough about them to tell them why they are so despised and regarded as so dispensable by the liberal elite: it is because no sane British business would want to hire indigenous slut and bastard British labour when they can have access to a better quality of immigrant labour.

Nobody cares about them because they are stupid and useless and no longer fit for purpose as a class of people who are supposed to work.

After all, the only reason why this country is full of immigrants is because the white working classes are no longer fit for purpose.

However, instead of the government telling the working classes they are no longer fit for purpose, or seeing to it that they are made fit for purpose again - through calling for a free and excellent system of selective education and through supporting policies that would encourage parents of children to stay together - they get round the problem by facilitating immigration and creating an environment that makes people afraid to discuss immigration.

Immigrants feel they cannot discuss immigration because they are immigrants, while the indigenous are made to feel that complaining about immigration would make people think they are racist, which must mean they must be as stupid, evil and racist as the BNP.

It is a very clever tactic.

In the meantime, the Labour Party - the party that is supposed to look after the interests of the working classes - systematically betrays them and replaces them.

Whatever they think of me and however much they like to imagine me eating disabled babies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I at least care about the white working classes enough to tell them what I think is wrong with them, even if doing so is predictably unpopular.

When I was told off as a child and criticised by my late grandmother, she always told me she did it out of love and the desire to see me do better after my errors had been corrected.  If she didn't care about me, she said, she would have saved herself the trouble of incurring my irritation and resentment.  Those who didn't care about me would let me repeat my errors without correcting me, while laughing at me behind my back.

Clearly, neither the Labour Party nor the BNP care for the white working classes.  

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